Monday, February 13, 2017

Mr. Trudeau goes to Washington

There was no trip to hit the links of Florida, and no hand holding along the walkway alongside the White House, but for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Monday's first working visit with President Donald Trump went fairly well.

In fact, Canadians heard many praises, few concerns and the prospect that any protectionist measures of the new era of Donald Trump's economic vision perhaps won't be quite as dire as previously thought.

For his part, the Prime Minister noted that it wasn't his place to lecture the President on his immigration strategy and any notes on economics followed themes of the shared adventure that Americans and Canadians had embarked on over the decades.

The Prime Minister brought a small battalion of cabinet ministers and government officials with him, the collective force spreading out to hold discussions with Vice-President Mike Pence, as well as with U.S. officials at Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

The theme of most of them one of the long standing relationship and the benefits that both countries have found from it.

The Prime Minister as well would meet with the upper levels of the U.S. government as his whirlwind trek south would play out through the day, some hockey talk with Wisconsin's Paul Ryan who wields power in the House, while Mitch McConnell and the PM would also exchange pleasantries.

The day began with the obligatory welcome to the White House photo opportunity, one of a number photo op handshakes that had reporters and observers looking for hidden meanings in the number of steam boats that would pass before grips were released.

A smart move from the Canadian side (if that's where the concept came from) was to bring the President's daughter Ivanka into the discussions, striking a bi-national committee to further the interests of women in business and entrepreneurship.

The theme for the work ahead providing for a topic that reinforces Trudeau's commitments to gender equality and success, while at least introducing the President to the concept and shoring up a segment of his policy work that is clearly in need of a bit of help.

For much of the public sessions, the over-riding theme was the economy, NAFTA would be tweaked (seemingly smaller adjustment for Canada than Mexico, who no doubt were watching for dispatches as to how it was all going) and while not totally on board with the concept that the Northern border is a safe one for the US, the President made no mention of walls, or moving border assets to the Northern frontier.

All in all, the day went about as good as Canadian officials could have hoped for, while not the budding bromance that the PM enjoyed with former President Obama, but seemingly more of a business approach to the dealings between the two countries.

The details to be left to the cabinet level, ambassadorships and other levels of cross border engagement as the future course is charted.

However, as is the case these days in Washington, the news cycle moves at cyclonic speeds, by the evening the Canadian visit was but a footnote to the day's minutes.

The resignation of the President's Security Advisor General Michael Flynn in the late evening hours would come to dominated the day, the travels of Justin Trudeau banished to the status of a scroll on the CNN news ticker.

Some notes on the day from the Canadian media can be reviewed below, followed by the observations of their U.S. counterpoints, though as might be expected their, contributions to the themes of the day can be counted in lower numbers.

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