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The Trump effect Tracker: March 2017

With the change of the guard at the White House, the path ahead for Canada could see some significant shifts as the administration of President Donald J. Trump puts its imprint on the global political scene.

Below, we'll follow those political and economic moves that have an impact on Canada.

The March Archive

March 31

U.S. has trade surplus with Canada, Freeland says
Trudeau stands firm amid fresh calls from U.S. for NATO spending boost
Trudeau unfazed as Trump plans probe of 16 countries' trade practices, including Canada
Canadian troops assisting in Mosul fight as mission extended to June
Canada extends mission against ISIS in northern Iraq to June 30
A smile and arrest welcome asylum seekers to Canada
U.S. to probe why it has trade deficit with countries like Canada
What does a pro-coal White House mean for Trudeau's green push?
Not all economic nationalists are Donald Trump
Liberal's to consider possible retaliation against Trump's 'Buy American' policies: document
Canadian special forces taking more active role in Iraq as Liberals extend ISIS mission
Justin Trudeau stands by defence spending amid fresh calls for NATO to pony up more cash
Ottawa approves $12M extra funding due to 'pressures' of Mexican visa lift

March 30

Trump eyes across-the-board changes to NAFTA negotiations
Trump's NAFTA goals: 'What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine'
Five key things the U.S. in eyeing in NAFTA revamp
Ford to invest $1.2 billion in Canada, create Ottawa R and D centre
Little appetite in the U.S. business community for border tariff, says Jim Carr
Provinces poised to sign historic Canadian Free Trade Agreement in April
Pallister eyes scaling back refugee support as tiff with Ottawa festers
Trump takes 1st step in NAFTA renegotiation: Sends draft letter to Congress
Bombardier under fire for $32.6M US given to executives while taking government cash
Ford, federal, provincial governments pledge $600M for Windsor plant
Bombardier's senior executives saw compensation rise nearly 50% last year
Trump takes first step in NAFTA renegotiation, delivers draft letter to Congress
Ontario will fight 'Buy American' policy if passed, Wynne warns
The roadblocks hindering Trump's climate inaction plan
Trump is playing Galileo in the global climate change divide, and Canada will pay the price
Ottawa's approval for Chinese takeover of Tech Firm sparks Concerns
Trudeau, Couillard defend Bombardier bailout after execs take home millions in raises

March 29

Trudeau still committed to carbon tax despite Trump's action on climate
Human rights on the table in any Canada-China free trade deal: McCallum
Trump TV, and a border tax: Canada gripped by a new reality show
A 'hard Brexit' creates uncertainty for Canada on what's next for trade
Americans increasingly refused entry to Canada, documents show
Canada's new ambassador to Beijing says Ottawa open to more, more, more'
What Trump means to Canadian oil and manufacturing
Canadians fed up with being asylum-seekers' patsies
Government holding the line on asylum policy, in spite of low support
Overwhelming majority of Canadians say refugee rules must change

March 28 

Former CSIS directors question Canada's pursuit of extradition treaty with China
Trump's bid to reverse climate agenda puts pressure on Ottawa
Stephen Poloz warns protectionism 'rarely succeeds,' urges open borders
More than ever, Canada must not sign an extradition treaty with China
Canada dispatches team to Brussels to assess airplane laptop threat
Canada hires Metrolinx CEO to advise on Canada Infrastructure Bank
Donald Trump's act is failing, so why is Kevin O'Leary still copying it?
Canadian officials in Brussels to discuss US, UK electronics ban on some flights
'I welcome a dust-off' of NAFTA, says Bank of Canada's Stephen Poloz

March 27

'We are ready': Canada-Europe trade deal set to kick in, mostly, by July 1
'A perilous pipeline': Indigenous groups line up against Keystone XL
Why Bill Morneau hasn't ended tax breaks for the wealthy
A 'new form' of federalism': O'Leary says he would 'coerce' provinces to adopt his economic policies
Trudeau minister hopes to woo foreign brains

March 25 and 26

As U.S. GDP growth estimates fall, Canada's economy picks up steam
Wallonia threatens to block final CETA ratification
Human-rights issue to stall free-trade progress with China, Ottawa says
Ottawa's budget shift on economic forecasts is a welcome one
Ottawa rushing to draft marijuana legalization bill ahead of 4/20: sources
If you think Canada is a welcoming nation, talk to a displaced Mexican
Canada's CF-18s to fly 2 NATO overseas missions in 2017
Despite 'good news' of Keystone XL approval, Canada needs oil customers beyond US: Jim Carr
Winning a good trade deal
Obama trumped on Keystone XL
Canada must make tough decisions on defence spending: former NATO envoy

March 24

Trudeau government urged to reject Chinese trade demands
Trump grants permit for 'incredible' Keystone XL pipeline
Cautious federal budget a missed opportunity for the Liberals
Beijing pressing for full access to Canada's economy in trade talks
Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline amid continued concerns over the environment
Can we come out now that deficit hysteria is over?

March 23

Federal budget positions Canada to lure scientists from U.S. and Britain
Trudeau's budget: Delaying decisions on Trumpian matters
Lack of defence spending draws fire
U.S. set to recommend approval of Keystone XL pipeline on Friday
Canada gets approval to join controversial China-led infrastructure bank

March 22

With federal budget, Morneau plays it safe in uncertain times
The shadow of U.S. President Donald Trump and his agenda loom large over Canada's federal budget
Canada aims to avoid Brexit-cliff edge with trade talks

March 21

EU Trade commissioner expects CETA to largely 'pass smoothly'
Illegal border crossers arrested this year nearly half of all caught in 2016
Canada, Europe 'not building walls', says EU trade chief
Trump's travel bans and cuts to science could create a Canadian brain gain
Trump, tighter air travel rules behind surge of refugees at Canada-U.S. border, experts say
Ottawa likely to extend military mission in Iraq

March 20

Too soon to put Canadian price tag on Trump's immigration overhaul: officials
Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers, deported: poll
EU trade chief blasts Trump 'walls', cites Canada as partner on openness
Liberals need to listen to Canadians' border concerns
Almost half of Canadians want refugees illegally crossing into Canada deported: Poll

March 18 & 19

Trudeau government set to table modest budget amid U.S. uncertainty
Economic unknowns to play a big role in federal budget plans
Canada has detained more Mexicans in 2 months than in all of 2016
Brian Pallister stresses need for asylum seeker aid amidst health deal clash
Paris climate treaty dead
Trudeau very much takes Trump's trade 'tweaking' at his word
Trump's view on climate could cost us
Trudeau and the artistry of the deal

March 17

Canadian politicians outraged at Trump Great Lakes funding cuts
After the Crossing: Refugees in Canada
Canadians should be told if their banking info shared with IRS, says MP
Trump says NATO nations 'must pay what they owe,' during tense meeting with Merkel
Mexican asylum seekers flock to Canada
Trudeau still talks like we have open borders
Trudeau needs to drop open borders language
Canada isn't immune and change in middle-class fortunes would alter political landscape: Stephen Harper

March 16

Canada's softwood lumber industry braces as U.S. eyes 'new agreement'
Fuel-economy targets pose Trump test for Trudeau
Catherine McKenna seeks EPA head Scott Pruitt's help to restore Great Lakes
PM says he still believes Trump promise only minor tweaks coming on NAFTA
U.S. presence 'welcome' at TPP talks despite Trump withdrawing from trade deal: Canadian minister
Kevin O'Leary alleges 'fraud' and 'widespread vote rigging' in Conservative leadership race

March 15

Excluding Mexico from NAFTA would hurt the Canadian economy: consul general
Not right-wing populism, just common sense
Trudeau's arrogance fuels 'Trumpism' in Canada
Political correctness on campus must end
Trump's tax bill: Here's how much he would pay in Canada

March 14 

Manitoba Premier Pallister calls on Trudeau to raise asylum issue with Trump
Trump's trade nominee targets Canada, vows to end softwood lumber dispute
U.S. Congress urges get-tough approach with Canada in hearing for Trump trade pick
Uncertainty over Trump's intentions hangs over G20 finance meeting
Trump's trade pick urged by U.S. Senate to get tough with Canada
Maxime Bernier wants to close loophole in Safe Third Country Agreement, send refugees back to US

March 13 

Canada's defence spending among lowest in NATO despite increase last year
CSIS director Michel Coulombe to step down at end of may after three decades
Canadian defence spending among lowest in NATO despite small increase last year
Former Toronto Star publisher John Cruikshank lands diplomatic post in Chicago
Trump threatens to derail Trudeau's economic fairness agenda
Libs losing it when dealing with asylum seekers

March 11 and 12

Canadian bonds, loonie brace for U.S. Federal Reserve rate hike
Charity advocating for U.S. to join the Commonwealth
First Ottawa visit by Trump cabinet minister focuses on security, border
Making Canada Great Again
The truth about populism in Canada
Illegal border crossings a 'crisis' - union head
NDP leader Tom Mulcair says denouncing Trump travel ban won't affect Canada-U.S. relations

March 10

Air Canada denies U.S. security chief's assertion that its jets have been focus of any terror plots
Killing Obamacare will make Canadians feel smug, again
Why Canadians and Americans have traded places on pipeline politics
How Ahmed Hussen rose to become Canada's border man
Travelling to the U.S.? Don't worry about the border, says Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly
U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security said countless threats made against Air Canada
Feds clueless on migrant crisis
The liberal narrative is denial about Iran
If Donald Trump gives up on free trade, Canada doesn't have to follow
Trump Cabinet hopes to take first step in NAFTA renegotiation within a fortnight
Homeland Security head John Kelly visits Ottawa to discuss border security

March 9

Trudeau slams proposed border tax, stresses importance of Canada-U.S. trad relations
Officials to review ho Canada, NATO members calculate defence spending
Trudeau says he will succeed on energy where his father and Stephen Harper failed
Federal plan to fast-track foreign talent could capitalize on Trump's crackdown
Trudeau to get energy and environment award at Houston energy conference
Border the big issue as a Trump official finally set to visit Ottawa
Trump pressure on military spending may push Canada to do more, but not yet
Is Trudeau using the White House to hide the Liberal government's money problems?
US needs Canada's resources, Trudeau tells gathering of global oil and gas executives

March 8

Canada will have to 'make concessions' in NAFTA renegotiations, U.S. warns
B.C. softwood lumber envoy says long-term deal needed with U.S.
NAFTA talks on big changes to start this year, U.S. commerce secretary says
Border issues to dominate U.S. homeland security secretary's visit Friday
Ottawa weighing chances of potential surge in U.S. asylum seekers as weather improves

March 7

Bill Morneau planning cautious budget for March 22 as he waits on Trump
As Trump resets climate policy, Ottawa will stick to long-term strategies, ays resources minister
Ottawa braces for rise in asylum seekers fleeing U.S.
NDP's Niki Ashton launches leadership campaign, hopes to mobilize millennials to counter 'Trump-like messages' in Canada
In Trump/s new world, a Quebec Village is Canada's Back Door
What are Canadians' rights at the US border? Slim to None

March 6

Federal government to review details of new Trump immigration ban
Snowbirds may soon be allowed 8 months in U.S., but could risk provincial health benefits
Justin Trudeau urged to denounce Trump's 'racist' travel ban
Some permanent residents of Canada can be barred from U.S. under Trump order
Donald Trump's revised travel ban puts pressure on Justin Trudeau to speak out

March 4 and 5

Ottawa set to reject plans to beef up national security oversight committee
Cabinet set to map out scenarios for dealing with asylum seekers illegally crossing border
U.S. Allies shaken by Donald Trump's wiretap tweets about Obama
Cabinet to map out scenarios for dealing with border-crossers
Federal ministers see the asylum seeker situation on the ground in Emerson, Manitoba
Trudeau cabinet to map out strategies for dealing with illegal refugees
How Canada can lead on the global stage
Buying 'political insulation': Liberals to call for bids in 2019 for permanent fleet to replace CF-18s
As Trump tightens budget, U.S. Congress bill would allow snowbirds to stay for an extra two months
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Manitoba borders are 'properly resourced'

March 3

TransCanada's Keystone pipeline to be exempted from 'Buy American' provisions
U.S. Homeland Security secretary visiting Ottawa next week, says Marc Garneau
Should Liberals let asylum seekers from U.S. enter Canada safely at border crossings?
Identifying Yazidis seeking resettlement to Canada a 'complicated process'
Keystone XL would be exempt from needing U.S. - made steel, reports say
It's not just Donald Trump who shifts the truth, Canada's politicians have been using alternative faces for years
Trudeau welcomes possible American steel exemption for Keystone XL
Wanting to ditch reputation as NATO's cheap date Liberals looking at ballistic missile defence: sources
US funding for Great Lakes cleanup could be slashed by 97%, leaked document shows
Will Pipelines Pump Controversy into the Federal NDP Leadership Race?

March 2 

Trudeau touts pipeline approvals while campaigning in Calgary
Facial recognition technology is coming to Canadian airports this spring
Officials confirm rise in asylum seekers crossing illegally into Canada, but RCMP lay no charges
Canadian immigration website crash started hours before Trump victory, documents show
Trump bump lifts Canada's banks
How we handle who's coming could make or break Canada
Ottawa must keep private sponsorship of Syrian refugees a priority
CBSA Union President says border is like 'Swiss Cheese,' calls for patrol force

March 1

Energy trade in crosshairs as U.S. posts $39-billion deficit with Canada
Trump donor Kelly Knight Craft closer to becoming ambassador to Canada
Canada and U.S. to join forces on handling border asylum-seekers
Trump may praise Canada's immigration model, but he would never adopt it
Trump, Trudeau in same boat as sea ice melts around them
Canadians have different attitudes on immigrants versus refugees: poll
Scrapping refugee deal with U.S. would lead to thousands of illegal border crossings, says John Manley
Finance Minister Bill Morneau's U.S. fact-finding trip sets table for March budget
U.S. treasury secretary welcomes Canada's Morneau as first foreign visitor
Canada's cameos during Trump's speech to Congress
Trudeau government will eventually have to adjust strategy with the U.S.
Trump picks Kelly Craft, a long-time Republican donor, as ambassador to Canada: source

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