Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Michael Ignatieff appeals to Canada, Europe to save University in Hungary
Peter McKay gives boost to Erin O'Toole in Tory leadership race
Quebec's surplus budget offers hope, but trouble lurks around the corner
Montreal LRT is first test for Ottawa's private sector infrastructure plans
Trudeau still committed to carbon tax despite Trump's action on climate
Human rights on the table in any Canada-China free trade deal: McCallum
Trudeau pledges 'historic investment' in child care, critics call it overselling
Trump TV, and a border tax: Canada gripped by a new reality show
Kellie Leitch didn't know anti-Islamic group was part of Brampton event, campaign manager says
Top general says no systemic problems at Royal Military College after report on suicide, sexual misconduct
Senator Murray Sinclair responds to Lynn Beyak's defence of residential schools
A 'hard Brexit' creates uncertainty for Canada on what's next for trade
Justin Trudeau called 'scumbag' while touting federal child care plan in Winnipeg
Some Conservative leadership rivals tout numbers as deadline to sign up members passes
Trudeau government's vacant appointments backlog up 80%
Deadline for women to opt out of RCMP sex harassment settlement is today
Byelection performance can be predictive of future results
Trudeau airport secure despite concerns about radicalized workers, officials say
Americans increasingly refused entry to Canada, documents show
Canada's new ambassador to Beijing says Ottawa open to more, more, more'
What Trump means to Canadian oil and manufacturing
Five things to watch in the Conservative leadership race
In defence of Senator Lynn Beyak
'Fundamental flaw' in our national security
Canadians fed up with being asylum-seekers' patsies
Canadian airport employees ID'd as ISIS supporters: Report
Border, airport security needs attention
Video shows Kellie Leitch at 'deeply troubling' meeting with group that called for ban on Muslims
How Kevin O'Leary could improve provincial economic policies without any coercion
Conservative candidate gives Liberals a new hot button for fundraising. It's called 'The Brad Trost Thing'
Liberals looking to implement roadside tests for pot smokers, says Trudeau's marijuana czar
Canada looking to contribute to 'deep space habitat' orbiting moon and eventual Mars mission
'Nationalize' Postmedia? That's just the first step
Rona Ambrose upset by Brad Trost 'gay pride' parade comments
Government holding the line on asylum policy, in spite of low support
Putin tours Arctic archipelago where Russia is building military base
Overwhelming majority of Canadians say refugee rules must change
Kevin O'Leary wants Conservative rivals to publicly reveal paid membership tally
Confessions of a self-loathing Tory

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