Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Energy trade in crosshairs as U.S. posts $39-billion deficit with Canada
Abortion pill's Canadian launch delayed by lack of coverage, distribution rules
Tamil-Canadians shut out of Liberal nomination vote in Toronto-area riding
Trump donor Kelly Knight Craft closer to becoming ambassador to Canada
Canada and U.S. to join forces on handling border asylum-seekers
It's no surprise that political party nominations are rigged
Trump may praise Canada's immigration model, but he would never adopt it
Trump, Trudeau in same boat as sea ice melts around them
In Tory leadership, it's O'Leary pizzazz vs. dull-but-worthy
Canadians have different attitudes on immigrants versus refugees: poll
Classified documents reveal Canada's planned response to 9/11-style attack
Scrapping refugee deal with U.S. would lead to thousands of illegal border crossings, says John Manley
Finance Minister Bill Morneau's U.S. fact-finding trip sets table for March budget
U.S. treasury secretary welcomes Canada's Morneau as first foreign visitor
Justice Minister asks province's to weigh in on genetic discrimination bill
Canada's cameos during Trump's speech to Congress
Conservative leadership debate in Edmonton the latest to showcase political manoeuvring
Judge calls RCMP treatment of sergeant 'outrageous' in bullying case
Trudeau and Ambrose campaign in Calgary as byelection race heats up
Bank of Canada holds key interest rate steady at 0.5%
B.C. shipyard awarded $230M contract to design navy's resupply ships
Trudeau government will eventually have to adjust strategy with the U.S.
Liberal party's meddling in byelections risks harming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's brand
Progressives are smearing Conservatives, again
Tories seem willing to let O'Leary almost literally, phone in leadership campaign
Immigration minister defends legislation that prevents convicted dual nationals from losing citizenship
Trudeau sets new trend for PMs stumping in by-elections and raises fresh questions on expenses
Liberals aren't the most open party - and for non-chosen ones that's a 'slap to the mouth'
Kevin O'Leary drank ale: Journey inside a Conservative Party debate afterparty
Judge slams Mounties for 'outrageous' harassment, awarding sergeant $141,000 in bullying lawsuit
Trump picks Kelly Craft, a long-time Republican donor, as ambassador to Canada: source
Gas sniffing and lead poisoning may be causing indigenous suicides across generations: Toronto researchers
Albertans fed up of being taken for granted: Prime Minister Trudeau
Transport Minister calls for tougher penalties for drivers using cellphones
Senators: Send new money for housing directly to Inuit groups

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