Friday, March 17, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, March 17, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Friday, March 17, 2017.

Canadian politicians outraged at Trump Great Lakes funding cuts
Tories uncover fraudulent members after O'Leary warns of vote-rigging
Bombardier reviewing bribery allegations, says it hasn't uncovered wrongdoing so far
Senators Lynn Beyak wanted googlers. Here's what I found
Liberals have reason to campaign in Calgary by-elections, even if they're sure to lose
Maxime Bernier dead set on his 'freedom platform'
Federal budget looms, and Morneau lays the groundwork
Conservative party looking into Kevin O'Leary's claims of mass voter fraud
After the Crossing: Refugees in Canada
Conservative Party strikes 1,351 names off membership list after investigation
Interim Tory Leader Rona Ambrose calls for Senator Don Meredith to resign
Wounded soldiers to get higher payments as Liberals hedge on pension promise
Federal government reaches settlement with 3 Canadian men tortured in Syria and Egypt
Canadians should be told if their banking info shared with IRS, says MP
Canada to give $119M in aid to Middle East and African countries suffering food crises
Bureaucratic reflex to 'overclassify' info blamed for bottleneck of useful data
Alberta, Quebec could carry more weight in NDP leadership race than in 2012
Trump says NATO nations 'must pay what they owe,' during tense meeting with Merkel
Why Niki Ashton's use of Beyoncé lyrics isn't about cultural appropriation
Winter weather kicks up a political storm inn Quebec
Selling off Canada's airports could result in sky-high prices
New Canada infrastructure bank plays poker with public assets
What does it mean to be on the left?
Mexican asylum seekers flock to Canada
Trudeau still talks like we have open borders
Trudeau needs to drop open borders language
Conservatives expel nearly 1,400 members after three leadership campaigns alleged fraud
Federal government offers apology, compensation to three Canadians tortured in Syria
Explainer: Is it cultural appropriation when a white politician quotes Beyoncé to boost her campaign?
Canada isn't immune and change in middle-class fortunes would alter political landscape: Stephen Harper
Maxime Bernier calls Kevin O'Leary a "loser' for suggesting 'widespread vote rigging" in Tory leadership race
Public spending should rise because it needs to, not just because it can
A whiff of BLM grapeshot, and Niki Ashton waves the surrender flag ( I dare not call it 'white', in this context)
Pull yourselves together, senators - Don Meredith and Lynn Beyak don't deserve to be kicked out
An island of reason in the Sea of Trump: Imagine what a better-funded PBO could do for Canada
Jody Emery Quits Liberals, Says They Lied on Pot Promise
Extra! Extra! Read All A-bot it?
CBSA detaining record number of Mexicans in 2017
Kevin O'Leary campaign behind empty wallet promotion in Toronto

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