Friday, March 31, 2017

Looking for the hidden message in a photo selection

The Georgia Straight, like many other British Columbia news sites took note of the announcement of a Special Prosecutor into campaign donations on Thursday night, though they went with a different theme when it came to the photo selection to go with the story.

What symbolism the black cat holds, is so far being held close to the vest from the photo editor for the Vancouver publication, though it does get us to wondering just what the hidden message we are being transmitted is supposed to be.

Does this mean that British Columbians should think:

1) Premier Christy Clark is a witch? Witches always have black cats dont' they?

2)  Maybe it's an indication that the Premier has nine political lives … and like a cat she always lands on her feet from every single potential scandal it seems

3) Perhaps its more of a general observation on the theme of political donations, one that notes that Politics is nothing but a cathouse of political opportunity

4) Or, it could be that they see a light at the end of the tunnel, and It all portends that there will be a purrfect ending to the investigation

5) The prospect of an investigation is but the thing of political sideshow and the Premier has the issue well in hand aided with a bit of catnip we assume

6) Then again, the feline photo may be nothing more than the suggestion that those who choose to purrsue a career in Politics are as whacky as a cat lady

As for the story on the pending investigation, the introduction of the Special Prosecutor will add yet one more element of intrigue to the election campaign, with the stream of financial aid that keeps political campaigns alive suddenly put into the spotlight, all while British Columbians give consideration to who they believe is best able to lead the province into the next four years.

Some notes on the Thursday announcement can be found below:

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More notes on the 2017 Provincial election campaign can be found on our Archive page here.

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