Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Monday, July 17, 2017

BC Wildfires

Our archive of notes from the weekend can be found here

Trudeau urged to lay out Canada's NAFTA objectives
Ottawa to rein in income 'sprinkling' by wealthy Canadians
Ottawa probes reports of two Canadian women detained in Mosul
Stop fretting, Canada - NAFTA is safe
With Khadr saga, Conservatives have stopped trying to help Trudeau with Trump
Conservatives mount campaign against Trudeau over Omar Khadr settlement
Federal help to cover veterans' funeral costs not reaching some families: audit
Government inaction to blame for unequal access to criminal pardons, lawyers claim
Finance Minister Bill Morneau proposed tax changes to close loopholes for wealthy
Measures protecting Canadian dairy industry under fire at U.S. NAFTA hearing
Canadian retailers worry as Trump eyes duty-free threshold increase in NAFTA talks
Canada's U.S. ambassador says there will be no rush to sign 'bad deal' in new NAFTA
'Come to CRA before we go to you': International deal designed to expose offshore tax cheats
Telecom exec Ian Scott to be next CRTC chair starting September
After Trump's tough talk, NAFTA proposals look more like light reno than demolition
Which Premiers are secure and which ones are worried at premiers conference
Ottawa vows to lift corporate secrecy in bid to stop tax evasion and money laundering
Revised NAFTA might make U.S. items cheaper for Canadian online shoppers
Two Canadians captured in Mosul: reports
Canada's premiers discuss delaying the legalization of marijuana
Quebec town should not have held referendum on cemetery for Muslims
Canada must resist Trump's threats on trade
Does Chief Justice McLachlin's successor have to be from Quebec?
Trump targets telecom rules in NAFTA summary
Khadr pay-out protest planned for Parliament Hill
Tory MP Cheryl Gallant slams media for 'fake news' around Omar Khadr
Ottawa cracking down on loopholes that create tax breaks favoured by wealthy Canadians
Annual Premier's conference begins with boycott
Will Bill Morneau's crackdown on tax avoidance work?
Donald Trump's plan to overhaul NAFTA goes much deeper than a tweak

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