Monday, July 10, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Monday, July 10, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Monday, July 10, 2017

BC Wildfires

Our archive of notes from the weekend can be found here

The Khadr fallout

In the court of public opinion, Canadians say Trudeau chose wrong on Omar Khadr settlement
Freeze Omar Khadr's settlement funds, widow's lawyer argues
Former U.S. special forces soldier calls Justin Trudeau an Omar Khadr 'groupie'
Majority of Canadians oppose Omar Khadr settlement, poll suggests
Relatives of slain U.S. soldier want urgent freeze on Omar Khadr's assets
Omar Khadr fact check paints a clearer picture of the case and the incident underlying it
Opposition to Omar Khadr's settlement is puzzling and cynical
Why we should embrace the Khadr settlement
Ralph Goodale our own 'Comical Ali'
The numbers are in, and even Trudeau's own supporters reject the Khadr deal
Ontario Superior Court asked for immediate freeze on Omar Khadr's assets by Christopher Speer's widow
71 percent of Canadians say Liberals were wrong to settle with Omar Khadr
The Canadian government brought Omar Khadr home from Guantamo Bay. Was that enough?
Kahdr settlement far from unprecedented; U.K., Australia made similar
If Khadr has changed, he'll give the money to the kids he orphaned

Provinces struggling to provide proper care for seniors: report
Community workers, street family hit hard by B.C.'s opioid crisis
Ottawa hopes to pick new RCMP commissioner from within ranks
Catholic bishops say Trudeau playing politics with abortion in foreign aid
'It was the happiest moment': Asylum seekers who took risky Central American corridor cross into Canada
Egerton Ryseron, residential schools and the complicated nature of history
Ottawa must seek justice for Hassan Diab
Let's repair the harms of Canada's war on drugs
Trudeau says we're disorganized - by blood
Trudeau plays dangerous game of identity politics
Former Canadian flag, the Red Ensign, gets new, darker life as far-right symbol
Jets, cots blankets, evacuee tracking: Ottawa steps up to help battle B.C. wildfire
Canadians' bad behaviour in national parks revealed
Why yes, this is Andrew Scheer's first rodeo
Protected nominations for MPs are an affront to our democracy
With narrowed NDP race, Candidates start to get specific on Policy plans

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