Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Trump Effect Tracker: June 2017

With the change of the guard at the White House, the path ahead for Canada could see some significant shifts as the administration of President Donald J. Trump puts its imprint on the global political scene.

Below, we'll follow those political and economic moves that have an impact on Canada.

The June Archive

June 9

U.S. trade watchdog sees merit in Boeing's Bombardier complaint
Canada looks to China to rescue softwood lumber
NAFTA renegotiation will be 'unpredictable', Kathleen Wynne says
World Bank probing Bombardier railway deal
U.S. tax reform coming this year, Mnunchin says during Ottawa visit
U.S. trade commission will proceed with Bombardier investigation
U.S. treasury secretary sought to ease business, trade concerns during Ottawa visit
How would Scheer handle Trump? Lean on private industry, says Conservative leader
Two Trudeaus, two ways of handling besieged presidents
Chrystia Freeland should blame Obama, not Trump
If Liberals resist Trump-bashing they're headed for most serious foreign policy in years
A new vision for Canada's foreign policy
New Canadian defence policy means more services for veterans

June 8

Critics oppose Liberals' handling of Chinese investor's Norsat takeover
Liberals waive security review for Chinese takeover of high-tech firm
Munchin eyes taxes, infrastructure spending in upcoming Ottawa visit
Liberal government signals it would welcome Chinese investment in oilsands
Chrystia Freeland's nostalgic elegy for a U.S. dominated world order
NAFTA's dirty secret: it lets U.S. control our oil
Canada's premiers try to sidestep Comey circus and focus on NAFTA during meeting in Washington
A bold week for Canadian foreign policy: Ottawa Power Rankings
An audacious vision of Canada's place in a changing world

 June 7

Why increase Canadian military spending? One word: Trump
Trump presents a political opportunity for the NDP
After Trump's Paris pullout, MPs line up behind climate change accord'
What about China? Observers surprised Asia doesn't play more prominently in Freeland speech
'Riskier than doing noting': Softwood lumber package may hurt Canada's case with U.S.
Tory, Chicago mayor vow to fight Great Lakes funding cuts
Defiant anti-Trump message in Freeland's foreign policy is clear - and radical
Chrystia Freeland was wrong to put blame for the shattered world order strictly on Trump
Why Trump's Paris Withdrawal Redoubles BC Resolve to Tackle Climate Change

 June 6

Freeland questions U.S. leadership, says Canada must set own course
Trudeau decides it's just not worth appeasing Trump in foreign-policy shift
Chrystia Freeland must turn vision into reality
Freeland has woken up to reality. But has Trudeau?
Canada's new defence spending must come quickly, experts say
Canada will pursue a more robust global role, Minister says
Good manners backed by muscle mark Canada's approach to the world, Chrystia Freeland says
Freeland rejects Trump's nationalist policies, says Canada will step up to lead on world stage
Canada faces new world order as America reduces leadership role, says Chrystia Freeland
Canada is right to push back against Trump's isolationism
Liberal's vow to swap flower power for hard power hollow if they won't spend on military
Canada must spend billions on military in world abandoned by U.S., Freeland says
Chrystia Freeland explains the world for you
Obama defends U.S. policies eroding under Trump during speech in Montreal
Obama warns of illiberal threats to postwar global order in Montreal speech
'We have to speak out': In Montreal speech, Obama warns against 'retreat' from international order
Stephen Jarislowsky slams tax system that is so unfair it will push productive people to leave Canada
Barack Obama dines at Montreal eatery with Justin Trudeau
Barack Obama takes subtle digs at Donald Trump in Montreal appearance
In BC, Climate Determination Can Trump Defeat
Why is Trudeau blowing his chance to curb dangerous Climate-Warming Methane?

June 5

Canada-U.S. relationship 'unbelievably deep,' Trudeau says on Live with Kelly and Ryan
McKenna, Trudeau say Canada 'won't walk away' from fight against climate change
Live with Kelly and Ryan not Trudeau's finest moment
'We saw KGB agents watching her': How Freeland's past prepares her to forge Canada's foreign policy future
Foreign Minister Freeland's speech will unveil a Canadian foreign policy rooted in multilateralism
Will the U.S. spare Canada's steel producers as Trump touts 'Buy American' policy?
Trump administration asks Canada to end 'underhanded' dairy pricing class
If you've ever smoked marijuana, beware of the U.S. border

June 3 and 4

Enbridge eyes pipeline expansion after merger with Spectra Energy
Canadian auto sector divides on approach to NAFTA
Is Ottawa ready for a New Economy version of NAFTA?
On pipelines, Ottawa must have the final say
The Paris agreement - a pretentious, moralistic, socialist document
After Trump, it's time for Canada to rethink its destructive green agenda
Justin Trudeau to appear on Live with Kelly and Ryan episode to be filmed in Niagara Falls, Ontario
Tories up in arms after pro-gun group obtains Conservative party membership list

June 2

PMO not aware of any cellphone contact between Trump and Trudeau
Canada's trade surplus with U.S. hits highest level in three years
Trump is right to stand up to the nonsense that is the Paris deal
Trump keeps his promises scrapping climate deal
Trump calls out global-control agenda of the Paris deal, but Canada remains oblivious
Canadians shouldn't be smug about America's Paris accord retreat
Can Trump Make Trudeau Put His Money where His Mouth is?
Is a 'Progressive' Trade Deal Possible with China?

June 1

Trump pulls U.S. from Paris climate accord, raising challenges for Canada
With U.S. out, Paris Agreement could soon become the walking dead
Trump can pull out of the Paris accord - it won't derail the fight against global warming
Trudeau tells Trump Canada is disappointed by withdrawal from Paris climate deal
Trump quitting the Paris accord might not necessarily be the end of the world
Everything you wanted to know about Trump's decision on the Paris climate pact, but were afraid to ask
Trump told the truth
Trump says U.S. will pull out of Paris climate agreement
Merkel's moment to lead? Trumps move to pull out of Paris accord further riles Europe 
Trump abandons Paris agreement striking major blow to worldwide efforts to combat climate change
Do Trump's reasons for leaving the Paris climate accord add up?
'Make our planet great again': Macron trolls Trump over Paris climate agreement
Pittsburgh residents upset after Trump used them to justify Paris climate agreement withdrawal
Trump offered to 'negotiate' Paris climate accord; European countries said no
Elon Musk quits Trump advisory councils over Paris climate agreement pull-out
Donald Trump changes the climate game
U.S. softwood lobby assails Ottawa's aid package, calling it a subsidy
Ottawa suspends talks with Boeing over Super Hornet jet purchase
Bombardier, Boeing, Ottawa and a whole lot of baloney
More doubt cast over Super Hornet sale as Liberals break contact with Boeing
Don't let cyberattack threat deter Canada from online voting, says former head of NSA
Canadian officials can't agree whether Super Hornet talks with Boeing are suspended or not

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