Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Feds to back softwood industry with $860-million aid package
Inside the negotiations to determine B.C.'s next government
B.C. left-of-centre alliance expected to usher in green economic vision
Trudeau Liberals, B.C. set to face off over Pacific NorthWest LNG
Lower mainland mayors await transit talks with NDP-Greens
Notley says B.C. must allow Alberta access to the coast
A historic moment for B.C. politics - and our environment
The road ahead for B.C. politics
NDP leader John Horgan confident none of his MLAs will join Liberals
"It's deeply troubling': critics decry federal cuts to salmon education programs in B.C.
Locations announced for 4 new lifeboat stations on the B.C. coast
B.C. has no exclusive claim on its coast, Alberta premier warns pipeline foes
Ottawa to announce nearly $1B in aid for softwood lumber industry
Alliance has two party heads, but one NDP brain
Setting B.C. on course to $15 per hour minimum wage on NDP/Green government agenda
A glimpse behind the scenes of B.C.'s power-sharing talks
Province on pace for more than 1,400 overdose deaths in 2017
B.C.'s next political quagmire is electing a Speaker of the Legislature
Business leaders express concern about promises in B.C. NDP-Green agreement
It's B.C. vs Alberta and Ottawa in a pipeline battle royale
Weaver, Horgan inform lieutenant governor about their deal
Oceans protection plan includes boost to fisheries department, coast guard
Tag-team brawl coming over pipeline
Big changes are on the way
Culture clash key to B.C. minority talks
Dear Premier Clark, Don't give up (but try not to look like you are clinging to power)
B.C. is a on the precipice of a marvellous drama, with high odds of everything blowing up soon
BC NDP and Greens to push legal challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline
John Horgan, Andrew Weaver visit B.C.'s government house
BC NDP and Greens to push legal challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline
A brave new world of policy in British Columbia
Ottawa and Alberta warned to tone down pipeline rhetoric
Forget any economic windfall from Kinder Morgan, Analyst says
B.C. Liberals are doomed if they don't do an about-face on climate change

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