Thursday, May 4, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

BC NDP Leader Horgan unclear on some issues, unspecific on funding
Christy Clark at odds with Ottawa on approach to lumber dispute
Opioid crisis being overlooked in B.C. election as death toll spikes
Did Trump rescue Clark's campaign?
B.C. NDP candidate ordered to pay $75K in defamation suit
Cape Breton school surveillance video highlights risks of unsecured devices
New law aims to reduce drug deaths by encouraging people to report overdoses
Vancouver Rent Bank faces funding shortfall as demand increases
Nurses' union executive director on leave after alleged 'unacceptable remarks'
B.C. election could determine if ranchers get to keep home or lose it to highway
Trump's tough stance on softwood complicates future for northern B.C. reserve
We're graduating more doctors than ever, so why is it hard to find a GP? 
Environmental lawsuit against province over jet fuel spill approved by B.C. court
Is B.C. an international financial hub or a corporate tax haven?
B.C. Green party tax plan to create affordable housing is 'overkill,' say experts
Horgan speaks out on fentanyl crisis, says more must be done
Christy Clark heads to Vancouver Island in final days of campaign
Voters 'underwhelmed' by lack of political options, poll shows
NDP candidate ordered to pay $75,000 in defamation case
B.C.'s ethnic Chinese population far more inclined to vote Liberal
Syrian refugees settling in 'non-traditional' B.C. locations
Campaign stops for B.C. party leaders show where they think they can win
B.C. logging truck drivers challenge political parties on promise to curb log exports
Another high seas-shakedown from B.C.'s Christy Clark
Hold on to your wallets! Horgan and Clark dance the taxation two-step
Here's what's coming in B.C. Politics no matter what
iHealth project badly handled
Canada must secure new softwood markets
Victoria's mascot, Mr. Floatie, set to retire
Days before the B.C. election, BC Liberals and NDP are locked in a tight race: Poll
B.C. advance voter turnout on pace to hit highest mark in 20 years
Christy Clark accepts her haters
The BC Greens have forced the Liberals and NDP to notice them: experts
Christy Clark is targeting Donald Trump. What has he said about B.C.?
Why Saanich North may be the most interesting race in the B.C. election
NDP says more needs to be done on opioids in B.C.
B.C. NDP vows to fight Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion, but won't say how
B.C. Liberals, NDP battle over future taxes
No Gov't Safety Process for Siting Liquefied Natural Gas Plants: Report
Where the Parties Stand on Six Hot Issues
Why Christy Clark Attacks on NDP and Steelworkers Are 'Fake News'
Victoria giving Northwest a Raw Deal, Say Local Candidates
Alberni Councillor Wants Answers on Water Bomber contracts
Why Many First Nations Want a New Premier
UBC election stock market predicts B.C. Liberals, NDP tied at 40 seats each, with Greens winning six
Will B.C. LNG exports reduce global carbon emissions?
More than 200 dispensaries in Canada have been raided since Justin Trudeau took office

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