Sunday, May 7, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Saturday/Sunday, May 6 & 7, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

As B.C. election looms, party leaders target key ridings
Clark stands by trade threats to U.S. on eve of B.C. election
Angry about U.S. duties on Canadian lumber? Blame B.C.
B.C. party leaders mostly silent on marijuana opportunities
B.C. Liberals accused of placing misleading ads in Chinese-language newspapers
Experts assess B.C. Green Party's plans for 'green economy'
No B.C. party proposals will have an immediate impact on the housing market: experts
Maple Ridge Mayor Nicole Read curtails appearances amid online threats
Advance polls seen high turnout
Floodwaters recede in parts of B.C., but others still on high alert
Search for missing fire chief from flood-stricken B.C. Interior now a recovery mission, say RCMP
'It didn't used to be that way': Why voter turnout is so low in B.C. - and may be worse this week.
Minority Report: what happens if no B.C. party forms a majority election night?
VSB funding cuts shrink annual district music festival
A look back at the birth of the B. C. Green Party
French citizens in B. C. line up for hours to cast ballots in presidential runoff vote
At least a quarter of candidates don't live in their ridings
B.C. leaders channel Trump on the hustings
NDP cabinet contenders full of experience - some new faces
No apologies: Christy Clark stays true to form in final week of campaign
Why the B. C. Liberals are sometimes liberal and sometimes not
Clark criss-crosses Metro Vancouver suburbs in campaign blitz
B..C Liberals, NDP and Greens agree mining is important
NDP leader John Horgan campaigns on Granville Island
Gang crime still plagues B.C. but isn't front and centre for election
Jobs, affordability remain big issues as BC election campaign nears end
Good managers of economy, Liberals deserve to be re-elected
After bumpy B.C. election campaign, voters get final say
Three people, three routes to the top
Saanich North reminds us to cast our ballots
B.C. advanced voter turnout soars by almost 70 per cent over last election
Party leaders make last-ditch efforts to secure votes
Flooding, mudslides wreak havoc across southern B.C.
Vote splitting becomes B.C. election issue
What you need to know about the BC NDP platform
What you need to know about the BC Liberal platform
What you need to know about the BC Green platform
Why Weaver sends such friendly signals about the BC Liberals
It's Clark's Turn to Lose Job, Says Wrongfully Fired health researcher
Who's getting Site C contracts? And How much have they given the BC Liberals?
Where is Homelessness on the Ballot?
British Columbians Care about health care, so what are parties promising?
Making your mark for a better B.C.

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