Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

Sajjan to lower expectations for future military purchases
Home Capital postpones earnings release date amid bid to restore confidence
Christy Clark's proposed tax on thermal coal would hurt Alberta, U.S.
To pull away from the U.S. economy, Canada must look to its immigrants
Stephane Dion's 'super ambassador' role nixed amid EU concerns
In the Don Meredith case, the Senate tries to decide the price of privilege
Tory MP decries 'ridiculous' non-response from Trudeau on Aga Khan ethics probe
Ethics committee recommends expelling Senator Don Meredith over sex with teen
Sajjan pulls out of veterans fundraiser amid Afghanistan battle controversy
Restrict spy powers and increase oversight, Liberal and NDP MPs recommend
Hal Jackman faces six counts of exceeding federal political donation limits
Senate ethics committee recommends Don Meredith be expelled
Tom Mulcair wants ethics commissioner to reopen Harjit Sajjan ruling on detainees
Opposition filibuster ends in profanity as Liberal chair adjourns meeting
How Donald Trump became a key figure in the B.C. provincial election campaign
Canada to see some 'modest' gains from trade deal with Europe: budget watchdog
Commons committee calls for rollback of key C-51 anti-terror measures
Student-on-Student abuse in residential schools an 'unspoken truth,' says Senator Murray Sinclair
Dion tacitly pans Le Pen, wants France to have pro-Europe leader
Crown corporation at risk of procurement fraud, says auditor general
Jackman faces 6 counts of exceeding federal political donation limits
Stephane Dion made ambassador to Germany, but only 'special envoy' to EU
The senator who had sex with a teen girl cost taxpayers at least $600K during investigation
Canadian Armed Forces suffering from underfunding
Senate must expel Don Meredith
Justin Trudeau takes an ironic approach to democratic reform
Why Maxime Bernier buddies up to Alberta's Wildrose Party
Why a universal pharmacare plan makes sense now
Harjit Sajjan was supposed to be one of the good ones
Harjit Sajjan is all hat and no cattle
Afghan operation Sajjan tried to take credit for was a failure according to U.S. military investigation
Disgraced Senator Don Meredith should be expelled, and swiftly
If Canadians think 'free trade' with Trump is a pain, just wait til we deal with China
For better trade with Washington, Canada can't be cozying up to China
London becomes first Canadian city to use ranked ballots in unprecedented electoral reform
'That is bulls-t": Conservative MP Scott Reid accuses Liberal of illegally ending key meeting
Canada has less leverage than Mexico in a possible NAFTA renegotiation, experts warn
Harjit Sajjan pulls out of fundraiser for veterans over 'scheduling issue' amid Afghan battle controversy
Mulcair urges ethics commissioner to reopen investigation of Sajjan over his role in Afghan war
Trudeau sticks to talking points on probe over his Caribbean vacation with the Aga Khan
Could Home Capital's troubles spread? Here's what observers think
Google search data proves it: the Tory leadership race is dull
What happens when politicians have to grapple with 'survivability'
Canadian MP Andrew Leslie uses hamburgers to illustrate importance of NAFTA
CETA to provide 'modest' gains for Canadian economy: PBO
B.C. would tax U.S. coal, Liberal leader promises
MP committee starts the ball rolling on fixing 'problematic' bill C-51
'That is bulls-t!':Conservative MP loses cool at committee
Light dimmers, security updates, a gas leak: behind the scenes of the Trudeau's move to Rideau Cottage

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