Monday, May 1, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Monday, May 1, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Monday, May 1, 2017.

Saving Minister Sajjan

Trudeau rebuffs demands for Sajjan's resignation
Harjit Sajjan makes no excuses - there aren't any
After an odd boast, Harjit Sajjan faces the queries and catcalls of question period
'Stolen valour': Sajjan faces calls to resign in wake of Afghanistan battle claim
Conflicting accounts of Harjit Sajjan's role revive ex-MP's conflict of interest allegations
Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan dodges unfriendly fire -- for now
Sajjan gets second chance, but the fallen soldier doesn't
Trudeau must fire dishonoured minister
To truly 'own' his mistake, Defence Minister Sajjan has to explain it
Intoxicated with his own success, defence minister falls prey to hubris
Sajjan's lie has earned shock, fury and outrage where once he earned respect
Harjit Sajjan accused of downplaying role in Afghan war in attempt to thwart investigation by watch dog
Tories accuse Harjit Sajjan of 'stolen valour'
Reality check: What Harjit Sajjan said about Operation Medusa vs. what really happened
Conservatives allege Sajjan misled Parliament

Trudeau government vows to shut down debate in effort to pass legislative agenda
EU joins U.S. in targeting Canadian milk-pricing practices
Senator Meredith won't address allegations by former aide: lawyer
Senior clerics urge Trudeau to further help South Sudan
Maxime Bernier edges out Kevin O'Leary, leads fundraising race in Conservative leadership
Ethics committee poised to rule on Don Meredith, as senator faces new sexual abuse allegations
Canada is 200 million tonnes away from meeting international emissions promise
'Wise owls': Senate issues children's book to explain role of Red Chamber
Quebec shipyard shrugs off Norman controversy, touts benefits of new supply ship
Ranks of seniors catch up, pass young people, census numbers to show
Saskatchewan to use notwithstanding clause to override Catholic school ruling
Department running troubled Phoenix pay system vows 'tighter control' of sensitive information
Quebec's Liberals will face renewed scrutiny in the next election
Friday's off? Here's how to really reform Parliament, starting with limiting PM's power
Conservative leadership Bernier's to lose, observers say, barring 'blockbuster deal' among other camps
DND employees told not to drink water at new headquarters because of lead and chemicals
Former LG accused of exceeding political donation limits with contributions that include Trudeau
The U.S. keeps a list of trade beefs with Canada - and booze, property rights and Can-con are all on it
Kevin O'Leary calls on supporters to rally behind Maxime Bernier in Tory leadership race
Don Meredith won't address former aide's allegations: lawyer
Maxime Bernier in a commanding lead in first blush of post-O'leary polls
Liberals back down on House reform, but debates to be halted more often: Chagger
Canadians have turned a blind eye to the Liberals refugee failures

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