Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Clark holds up softwood dispute to deflect from criticism during B.C. debate
No stand out moments in final debate of the B.C.election campaign
Local mayors clash with BC Liberals over transit funding
Christy Clark calls on Ottawa to ban coal exports after softwood lumber duties
5 key moments from tonight's B.C. election debate
Softwood deal was close, but Canada gambled on better terms from Trump, former U.S, trade rep says
B.C. Liberals, NDP spar over donation from billionaire developer
B.C. moves to ban U.S.coal transport in retaliation for softwood duties
Fact check: Did the NDP really spark a decade of decline as the Liberals claim?
Who do our leaders speak for? An alternative way to watch the debate
Strong Weaver showing, better Clark effort tightens race
Leaders battle for votes in televised debate
Fact checking the B.C. leaders TV debate
Christy Clark calls for ban on U.S. thermal coal from B.C. ports
Parties struggle to define transportation platforms
No clear winner, no clear loser as leaders trade blows
B.C.Liberal fails to show at forum for candidates on mental health
Buyer's tax might not work
U.S. ignorant about Canadian Dairy
B.C. leaders square off in TV Debate
Breaking down the BC Leaders Debate
BC Leaders Debate: Did John Horgan really say that?
BC Leaders Debate\; Are the Greens just a vote for the BC Liberals
Weaver asks Horgan: 'Did you really say the Liberals are going to win the nex telection'?
The residential Tenancny Act isn't helping landlords or Tenants
BC Watchdog publishes Ebook Detailing political donation gravy train
Site C threatens Treaty rights, way of life, say some First Nations
Adult Education cuts a 'Social Justice Crisis'
Tyee readers think Horgan Won the Last Debate, despite Reservations about constant interrupting

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