Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Ignoring polls, Clark bets on status quo election strategy
British Columbia's 41st election is now under way
Residents scramble to avoid Vancouver's vacancy tax
Sister of wrongly fired health worker slams B.C.'s Clark over report response
B.C's election campaign begins: What you need to know
'She evokes strong emotions': A profile of Christy Clark
'Shocking' homeless count needs provincial help, says mayor
And they're off: B.C. political parties begin election race to May 9 finish
'Clinically significant' mistakes: 700 patients' X-rays and scans misread at Terrace hospital
NDP says rest of province will help pay to get rid of tolls
Sister of Roderick MacIsaac blasts Christy Clark for reaction to health
Plenty at stake as 2017 B.C. election campaign
First Nations housing: thinking outside the box
Fact Check: Promises, promise - last election's 'epic fail'
NDP kicks off B.C. campaign with a lead an uncertain future
Try Vote Compass to find out where you stand in B.C.'s 2017 election
Poll Tracker: 2017 British Columbia election
Bring basic income to B.C., says politician behind Ontario pilot project
B.C. election 2017: Clark rallies troops at Vancouver rally hours after election call
Sister of wrongly fired B.C. health worker harshly critical of Christy Clark
Premier smooches pooch, but can't kiss of health scandal
BC election: And the race is on
B.C. election 2017: People at the centre of NDP's election campaign
B. C. election 2017: Weaver unveils Green's strategy to cool B.C. housing market
Fact check: Liberals on education, Horgan on taxes
B.C. Liberals deliver standpat election platform
Horgan set to miraculously spend big - and balance the books
Health firings 'riddled with stink,' says sister of researcher
And they're off: Political parties kick off 28-day campaign
We need a plan to fix wait lists
A reason to be afraid
Islanders get their own special platform
John Horgan promises no bridge tolls and better jobs at NDP campaign kickoff
Provincial election kicks off on Vancouver Island
Election kicks off with promises, rallies
BC Election: Key developments from Day One
Fired B.C. Health worker's sister critical of Premier Christy Clark
Christy Clark has a sweet tooth for B.C. politics
Politics a science for BC Greens' Weaver
B.C. election starts as unofficial campaign ends
A quick sketch of B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan
A quick sketch of B.C. Premier Christy Clark
A primer on the main issues in the B.C. election
Health firings dog Clark's First Day on Campaign Trail
Coalition Pushing New Housing Solutions for BC
Christy Clark's 'Empathy Deficit' Could Cost Her election

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