Friday, April 7, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Friday, April 7, 2017

Our Archive of items from our Victoria Viewpoints feature:

With B.C.'s election campaign set to begin, parties prepare for the ground war
B.C. regulation bans mandatory high heels in the workplace
B. C. Premier Christy Clark steps back from health-firings controversy
B.C. Liberals are their own worst enemies
B.C. Liberals allege NDP shared supporter lists without consent
Oyster borne illness in Tofino remains a mystery
BC Ferries restores some service to Vancouver island following windstorm
Millions in political donations prompt call for review of B.C. mining regulations
Low-income seniors feeling effects of gender pay gap, report finds
Attack ads aimed at Richmond councillor warn of 'declining morals'
Vancouver School Board proposes to close 2 of 3 remaining adult education centres
Softwood lumber talks have waned under Trump, says Canada's chief negotiator
Women can no longer be forced to wear high heels in B.C. workplaces
Sunshine coast RCMP sport pink duct tape to protest salary discrepancies
To win, NDP must add 10 more seats, including several swing ridings, and that won't be easy
Retiring health minister Terry Lake, contemplates his next chapter
B.C. regulation means employers can't require women to wear high heels to work
Retired judge tapped to administer B.C. health firings compensation fund
NDP strong on provincewide lead, Greens sit steady on gains in new poll
Stopping political donations rot could save democracy
Small parties may hold key to election victory
Health firings a trainwreck
Researcher's death haunts ministry still
Construction of sewage plant just weeks away
Christy Clark praises Trump, rips Obama over softwood lumber negotiations
Mandatory high heels banned in all B.C. workplaces: Regulation changed
Still no justice after health firings report, say victims
Finding that BC Gov't scientists don't feel they can speak to media 'shocking,' say NDP critic
Why political campaigns in B.C. are sometimes waged in court
Dana Larsen: 4/20 permit hubub explained

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