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The Trump effect Tracker: April 2017

With the change of the guard at the White House, the path ahead for Canada could see some significant shifts as the administration of President Donald J. Trump puts its imprint on the global political scene.

Below, we'll follow those political and economic moves that have an impact on Canada.

The April Archive

April 29 and 30 

Retroactive softwood lumber duties hit bulk of Canadian producers
Ottawa has no Plan B if Trump comes after dairy supply management
Canada's dairy farmers could become global champions
BC Liberals' stance on coal exports puts Ottawa in tough spot
Mexico and Canada 'in this together' on NAFTA, amid Trump confusion
Criticism only makes Trump more powerful
Canada and China, a rapidly evolving relationship
Trump is hardly the first to milk the cross-border dispute over the dairy trade
'We value the same things': NYC makes bid for Canadian tourists amid fears of Trump-driven slump
Fears of Trump-driven tourism slump force NYC reps north to woo Canadians
After a week of Trump tirades, voices on both sides of border urge calm
Canada badly needs champions for free trade
Manitobans still waiting for Ottawa's assistance with Emerson border crossings

April 28

Trump to order probe of 'abuses' by trading partners
Bombardier in U.S. trade fight as Boeing takes aim at C Series
Dairy,lumber  and NAFTA: How Canada got a lesson in Trump's opportunism
First Nation Chief plans China trip to discuss Ring of Fire rail line
Liberals seeking trade deal with powerful Latin American trading bloc
Ottawa runs $11.5 billion deficit over first 11 months of 2016-17 fiscal year
A reality check on NAFTA for Donald Trump
Explaining the endless softwood saga to our extraterrestrial neighbours
Behind Trump's bluster, Americans are ready to do business with Canada
Canada restarts free trade negotiations with South America's Mercosur trading bloc
Trudeau has ''window' to settle softwood dispute before NAFTA talks: Raymond Chretien
Trump signs order to expand drilling in Arctic, Atlantic oceans
How Canada is expanding its softwood lumber markets
Now's not the time to cut corners in screening refugees
No free passes for asylum seekers
The elder Trudeau had it almost right. Now, Canada must be aware of the elephant's every tweet
The Europeans are as smug as ever, but they really don’t have a good reason to be

April 27

Trump ready to renegotiate NAFTA
China envoy reaffirms importance of Canada-China free-trade talks
Westshore urges Ottawa to keep border open to U.S. thermal coal
Christy Clark vs. Donald Trump: The proverbial knife at a gun fight
Boeing seeks anti dumping probe regarding Bombardier's C Series jet
Trump to give NAFTA talks a 'good, strong shot' after Trudeau warns of withdrawal risks
Trudeau will stick to playbook on Trump, even after NAFTA threat
The unredictability of Donald J. Trump
I was all set to terminate': Behind Donald Trump's surprising and abrupt turnabout on NAFTA
Canadian ministers dine with Senior Chinese officials as trade conflicts loom with U.S.
Trump's NAFTA flip-flopping a classic negotiation ploy, trad experts say
Canadian millennials just aren't into the jobs that robots could take away: study

April 26

Trump backs off plan for order that would have kickstarted U.S. exit from NAFTA
Canada needs plan for U.S. tax cuts: business council
B.C. Liberal Leader holds up softwood lumber dispute to deflect from criticism during debate
In his corporate tax-cut quest, Trump should take cues from Canada's GST
White House jolts markets with NAFTA pullout talk before Trump stresses 'renegotiation'
Trump tells Canada, Mexico he won't pull U.S. out of NAFTA
Chrystia Freeland shoots back after U.S. tariff: 'The reality is the United States need's our lumber'
Canada 'road kill' with Trump tax cuts
Trump has 'agreed not to terminate NAFTA at this time,' Canada and Mexico told
How should Canada respond to Trump? By doing those things we ought to be doing anyway
Trump's new tax plan will make Canada's life even more difficult than lumber and dairy scraps
Canada reports progress with U.S.on lumber, but 'we're not there yet'
Christy Clark calls on Ottawa to ban coal exports

April 25

Why Trump is tweeting about lumber and dairy instead of tweaking NAFTA
Softwood lumber tariffs will hit small B.C. Firms hard
Canada braces for lengthy softwood battle as Trump gets tough on trade
Wilbur Ross says Canada is 'dumping lumber,' as Ottawa vows to push back
Canada braces for 'tough times' in U.S. lumber dispute
Hurry up and wait strategy of dealing with the U.S.
Lumber may be only the beginning Trump's trade tiffs with Canada
Blame Canada was a spoof, Mr. President:Bad week for U.S. trade relations may get worse
How did Canada suddenly become Public enemy No. 1 in Donald Trump's trade war
When all else fails, blame Canada!

April 24

U.S. imposing 20-pecent tariff on Canadian softwood
The Milk War: How a letter in Wisconsin set off a trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada
U.S. imposes preliminary duties up to 24% on'subsidized" Canadian softwood lumber
Canada pursues possible trade deal with China as softwood lumber dispute with U.S. heats up
Softwood lumber decision Tuesday is Trump's next chance to hammer Canada
Trump threatens 20 per cent tariff on Canadian softwood lumber
Trudeau and Trump are watching the vote in France but for different reasons
What Donald Trump's anti-Canada rant means
Trump's theatrics on Canada are just that
Decade-long ceasefire over softwood lumber ends as U.S. prepares to levy tariffs of around 20%
Donald Trump announces 20 per cent tarrif on Canadian softwood lumber
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says Canada will have lots of allies if Donald Trump goes after energy trade

April 22 and 23

Ottawa eager to move fast on China Trade deal over next two years
In U.S., China trade talks, Trudeau must perfect his juggling act
Softwood lumber exporters  brace for punitive U.S.duties
How dairy farmers are trying to milk consumers with EU trade deal
Let's get going on NAFTA renegotiation,says Marc Garneau
Trump is wrong about dairy protectionism, but Canada should still scrap it
Donald Trump just might make us put on our big boy pants and make Canada great again
Knocked off balance by Trump,Canada prepares for 'all eventualities' on trade

April 21

How butter's surge in popularity led to Trump's attack on the Canadian dairy industry
B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark lashes out at U.S. lumber industry
Why Trump is racing against the clock on NAFTA: The Mexican election
Can Trudeau talk Trump out of trade fight? Maybe he won't have to
Trudeau-Italian PM affirm trade bonds in face of Trump protectionism
Trudeau wise to hold fire over Trump's trade tirade
Trudeau commits to 'respectful' talks after Trump's trade outburst
As Trump talks tough, New Brunswick seeks continued exemptions on lumber exports
How to control Canada's border
After a nuclear war, only cockroaches and Canadian supply management would be left
Is the Trump-Trudeau women's council real or fake?

April 20

Trump blasts Canada's dairy, energy and lumber sectors, vowing to move quickly on NAFTA
Dairy protected 'for good reason,' Trudeau says; Trump calls Canada's actions a 'disgrace'
After dairy, Trump takes swipe at Canada over lumber and energy
Trump's solution to 'unfair' American dairy woes: blame Canada
Donald Trump says what Canada has 'done to our dairy farmers is a disgrace'
U.S. border patrol arrests two Canadians in human smuggling investigation
Trump ramps up attacks on Canadian trade practices: 'We can't let Canada or anybody else take advantage'
Canada missed an opportunity to stand up to Trump (and make our groceries cheaper)
Trudeau already got an earful about Canada's dairy regulations from U.S. president - but it wasn't Trump
Dairy industries in Canada and the U.S.: By the numbers
Donald Trump again attacks Canada's dairy industry, calls NAFTA a 'trading disaster'

April 19

As the political cost declines, so will Canada's supply managed dairy market
United front on NAFTA tricky as war of words turns into full-fledged negotiation
Canadian ambassador plays down U.S. trade-rift talk
Donald Trump goes gunning for Canada's Laughing Cow
Supply management talk must put consumers first
Canada should avoid more protectionism in face of Trump's trade criticism
Canada's dairy cartel, an unkillable sacred cow made of other, literal cows
Milking Trump for our own benefit
Donald Trump's dairy bombast isn't a threat to the industry - it's an opportunity
Maxime Bernier is only Tory leadership candidate to welcome Trump's swipe at Canadian dairy industry
The world wants Canada to scrap supply management, but does it make sense?
Canadian envoy downplaying talk of potential trade rift with the U.S.
China pushes to expedite exploratory free-trade talks with Canada
Illegal border crossings into Canada continue to rise
Trudeau in denial about border crossings
Illegal crossings are increasing and feds still don't have a plan

April 18

Trump takes aim at Canada's 'very unfair' dairy industry
China's Premier urges Trudeau to relax controls on high-tech exports
The big files save Trudeau from a sophomore slump
Canadian exporters must look to U.S. or lose business in a 'Buy American' world
Trump targets 'unfair' Canadian dairy rules in fiery trade speech
Canadian envoy fires back at Trump over dairy
Trudeau sends more ministers to U.S. amid NAFTA and border tax worries
Donald Trump sours on Canada over 'very unfair' milk policy
Trump's latest Buy American order mostly rhetoric but could harm Canadian businesses
Canada-U.S. dairy trade war escalates amid fears some American farmers may 'have to sell their cows'
Why did Donald Trump attack the Canadian dairy industry?

April 17

Trump to sign new 'buy American, hire American' executive order
'Canadians were not impressed' by federal budget: survey
Trudeau's Liberals: A midterm report card
European cheese imports serve up tough choice for Champagne
Trump to crack down on exemptions to 'Buy American' policies
Ottawa has even more reason to fix security law
Trudeau needs to act now on Canada's border crisis
North Korea now a problem for Canada too
Time to up Canada's defence spending
Whoops! It looks like the Trudeau Liberals might have peaked too early on the economy
Suddenly Canada has one of the world's fastest growing economies - but is it real?

April 15 & 16

TPP was Obama's 'renegotiation of NAFTA': former trade envoy

April 14

NAFTA at stake amid backroom battles at White House
Canadians are right to be concerned about border security
Being nice gets Canada liked. But we won't be respected until we pull our weight

April 13

U.S. trade protectionism the biggest threat to Canadian economy: Poloz
Canada risks wrath of Trump if it doesn't boost defence cash: senators
U.S. government to release decision on Canadian softwood duties on April 25
Canada's defence spending hits new lows under Trudeau
The Liberals promised deficits to boost growth, but the economy is doing just fine on its own

April 12

Canada gives Trump administration warning on pipeline exclusion
Trudeau's stance on Syria shows he is keen to stay in Trump's favour: expert

April 11

Transport Minister enhances airport security but no laptop ban
Ottawa keeps tight lid on airport-privatization report details, its costs
Justin Trudeau should defy Donald Trump's demand for regime change in Syria
Tougher airport screening could be why refugees are crossing the border on foot
Rona Ambrose calls meeting with Donald Trump point man on NAFTA 'reassuring'

April 10

Canadians wary of deeper economic ties with China: poll
Ottawa tight-lipped on delay to improving no-fly list
Trudeau and Trump will get along fine ... until talk turns to refugees

April 9

Trump team frustrated with go-slow approach on NAFTA: Ross
Pearson hub a fitting project for Canada Infrastructure Bank: Metrolinx CEO
Promising interprovincial trade deal misses opportunity on booze
Canadian Free Trade still isn't what it first seems
Trudeau mum on real carbon pricing cost

April 8

Mulroney worth every penny he's not being paid

April 7

Brad Wall is Justin Trudeau's secret weapon in Washington
Bill Morneau drawing links between anxiety that elected Trudeau, Trump
5 things to watch in today's interprovincial trade deal
Canadians oppose policies that would align Canada with those of Donald Trump
Canadian interprovincial trade deal expected to add billions to the economy

April 6

Trump's NAFTA plans are more than a tweak, Mulroney says
Liberal minister Bains calls ex-minister Moore to give credit on interprovincial trade deal
Brian Mulroney speaks to Liberal cabinet on NAFTA
Bill Morneau heads to London to sing Canada's praises post Brexit
Surprise! Donald Trump is a fairly conventional president
NAFTA makeover will succeed after 'serious and demanding' negotiations, Mulroney says
What it Canada and Mexico said no to renegotiating NAFTA?

April 5

Ottawa, provinces to unveil plan to liberalize interprovincial trade
Why Brian Mulroney is essential to Canada's NAFTA talks
'That was then': Mulroney on his role helping Trudeau, despite rivalry with dad
Provinces to release details of interprovincial free trade deal Friday
Brian Mulroney to address key Canada-U.S. cabinet committee
New internal trade deal to lay groundwork for cross-Canada pot regulation
Don't blame foreign workers when the problem is locals who prefer EI over working

April 4

A trade deficit doesn't mean you're losing the game
Canada needs to do more in the fight against counterfeit goods
Canada's return to trade deficit gives BoC breathing room
U.S. border crossing numbers don't tell full story

April 3

Trump revives fake-imports debate with Canada
Border tax may be more harmful to U.S. economy than Canada's: Morneau
Canada 'a long, long' way from China extradition deal: McCallum
Are we headed for a refugee crisis on our border? Ottawa needs to tell us
Someone is spying on cellphones in the nation's capital
Border tax might damage American currency more than Canada's: Morneau
Donald Trump plans more than a tweak for NAFTA
Cap and trade just a carbon tax
US border tax could hurt Americans more than Canadians, Morneau warns

April 1 and 2

Cross-border auto maker integration touted prior to NAFTA talks
Illegal border crossings at forefront of Tory leadership debate
Canada firms see opportunity in Trump's border wall pledge
In the Trump era, Canada might need NAFTA's Chapter 11
How the Safe Third Country Agreement is changing lives on both sides of the border
Without Trump, Trudeau's budget would have been even worse

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