Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday,April 26, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Trump backs off plan for order that would have kickstarted U.S. exit from NAFTA
O'Leary drops out of Conservative leadership race, endorses Bernier
Kevin O'Leary: He didn't come back, for you
After O'Leary's withdrawal, Conservatives have some thinking to do
Home Capital secures $2-billion lifeline as shares collapse
Is home capital's crisis the pin that pops the housing bubble
Canada needs plan for U.S. tax cuts: business council
B.C. Liberal Leader holds up softwood lumber dispute to deflect from criticism during debate
In his corporate tax-cut quest, Trump should take cues from Canada's GST
Most Canadians think privatizing airports is a bad idea
Vice Admiral Norman leaked cabinet secrets, helped press Liberals in Navy contract: RCMP affidavit
Kevin O'Leary's path to victory wasn't easy, but is Maxime Bernier's any easier?
Inside the 'moment of truth' for Kevin O'Leary's campaign
Conservatives final leadership debate sees candidates fight to stand out
White House jolts markets with NAFTA pullout talk before Trump stresses 'renegotiation'
Bye,Kevin O'Leary! Good luck with your next wearable Blue-tooth umbrella venture
Trump tells Canada, Mexico he won't pull U.S. out of NAFTA
Just like that, the anybody-but-O'Leary movement comes to an end
Conservative leadership candidates target clear front runner Bernier in debate
'I didn't have a clear path' to beat Trudeau, Kevin O'Leary says after dropping out of leaderships race
Chrystia Freeland shoots back after U.S. tariff: 'The reality is the United States need's our lumber'
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman leaked cabinet secrets to shipbuilding exec, RCMP allege
Senator Patrick Brazeau acquitted of 2014 charges related to drunk driving
O'Leary quits Tory leadership race, calls Bernier 'the man' to win
O'Leary's hell looks like Bernier's Quebec
Why Trudeau's climate scheme is a scam
Canada 'road kill' with Trump tax cuts
Suddenly the NDP's back in the game
Tories should thank O'Leary for bringing excitement
Trump has 'agreed not to terminate NAFTA at this time,' Canada and Mexico told
How should Canada respond to Trump? By doing those things we ought to be doing anyway
The late-night deal that sealed O'Leary's exit and threw Tory leadership race into chaos
O'Leary is out? Mr. Wonderful's leadership bid was never much more than a faint hope
With O'Leary gone, Tory leadership candidates pile on front-runner Maxime Bernier in final debate
Trump's new tax plan will make Canada's life even more difficult than lumber and dairy scraps
Canada reports progress with U.S.on lumber, but 'we're not there yet'
Christy Clark calls on Ottawa to ban coal exports
Kevin O'Leary drops out of Conservative leadership race

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