Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Our archive of items from our Ottawa Observations feature:

Ottawa, provinces to unveil plan to liberalize interprovincial trade
RCMP accuse Vice-Admiral Norman of leaking cabinet secrets
Quebeckers decry Bombardier chairman Pierre Beaudoin's pay hike
RCMP reveals its use of cell-phone tracking machines
Lynn Beyak removed from Senate committee over residential school comments
Trudeau fields every question in Question Period as parliamentary reform battle rages
Why Brian Mulroney is essential to Canada's NAFTA talks
Pay packets away at Bombardier 
'That was then': Mulroney on his role helping Trudeau, despite rivalry with dad
Senior executives overseeing pay system no longer on Phoenix file: minister
Western provinces expect Ottawa to pay costs associated with marijuana legalization plan
Freeland condemns 'very grave act' in Syria
Rona Ambrose played role in Robin Camp appointment, former justice minister says
Trudeau tries something new at question period, but impasse on democratic reform remains
Lynn Beyak removed from Senate's Aboriginal peoples committee
Provinces to release details of interprovincial free trade deal Friday
RCMP reveals use of secretive cellphone surveillance technology for the first time
Short timelines for environmental assessments not working, says expert panel
"It's still a little bit surreal'" Eammanuella Lambropoulos ready for new career in politics
Brian Mulroney to address key Canada-U.S. cabinet committee
Why the Liberals are still struggling to change how Canadian democracy works
Canada's quality of life ranks in middle of 'peer' countries: report
Devices that track, spy on cellphones found at Montreal's Trudeau airport
Defence deal could open the door to weapons sales to Ukraine
Phoenix update: Parental leave claims under control, disability claims not so much
RCMP acknowledges using phone trackers to collect Canadians' cellular details
New internal trade deal to lay groundwork for cross-Canada pot regulation
The shine is off Bombardier's special status
Trudeau failed first foreign policy test
Why I support Maxime Bernier for leader
Don't blame foreign workers when the problem is locals who prefer EI over working
The paradox of Canadian politics: Lack of legitimate checks on government renders it less powerful, not more
The Canadian government owns a massive porn stash: Here are the best bits
Ottawa's two-year tab to host visiting kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers just under $3-million
Big Tobacco warns plain-packaging will increase contraband problem as Senate studies anti-smoking bill
OK, Bombardier board, what's the going rate for repeated failure?
The Mounties just got a pay increase of 2.5 per cent
Lynn Beyak axed from Senate committee over comments defending residential schools
Chrystia Freeland says facts of Syria chemical attack needed before blame assigned
$4.8M in performance pay awarded in department responsible for Phoenix pay system
'Anti-Terror' Laws Already Eroding Free Speech, Debate
Super Hornet could face some tough opposition in the battle against the F-35
Justin Trudeau takes questions - all of them

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