Friday, April 7, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, April 7, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Friday, April 7, 2017.

Canada adds more jobs, but wage growth stalls
Brad Wall is Justin Trudeau's secret weapon in Washington
For Trudeau it doesn't mean a rush to war, but deciding how far he might go
Canada supports U.S. strike against Syria, Trudeau tells Trump
Trudeau rolls up sleeves, visits student skills competition in Nova Scotia
Liberals look to target child-care funding to 'vulnerable' families
Bill Morneau drawing links between anxiety that elected Trudeau, Trump
Trudeau extends condolences to Sweden after Stockholm attack
Not even a missile attack can shake House's commitment to low-level dysfunction
Canada was briefed on and 'fully supports' U.S. missile strikes against Syria: PM
'Canada is open': Interprovincial trade deal a renewed push to drop barriers
CUPE accuses government of acting in bad faith on RCMP wage hikes
Bank of Canada unveils new $10 banknote for Canada 150 celebrations
5 things to watch in today's interprovincial trade deal
Allegations against military's No. 2 spelled out after month of rumours
You're a feminist, Mr. Trudeau. We get it
Kevin O'Leary outlines economic plan in speech to Empire Club
Ottawa to release long-sought St. Anne's residential school documents
Canada 'fully supports' U.S. missile strike on Syria: Trudeau
Trudeau's Liberals keeping their enemies close
Debate over Vimy shows its enduring power
Putting Donald Trump's strike against Syria in context
War's dubious claim of making a homeland
My quiet, unexpected pilgrimage to Vimy Ridge
Trudeau takes path of least resistance in backing Trump
Battle of Vimy Ridge defined and united Canada
PC leadership candidate Kevin O'Leary jaws at 'mediocre career politicians'
Trudeau right to stand with Trump
While Trump corrects course, Trudeau stays with green-globalism
Trudeau Liberals offer reluctant support for Trump's unilateral attack on Syria
Internal free trade deal is not evidence that 'Canada works' but proof of profound dysfunction
Deep underground, Vimy carvings tell the story of Canadian soldiers waiting for battle
A century later, Canadians are still searching for traces of the 44 missing soldiers of Vimy
Canada's role: If you think life will continue as always in Sleepy Hollow, you would be wrong
At last, Trudeau Liberals announce someone will be held accountable for something in Syria in some way
The battle for lower taxes is being lost, we need a new moral case for reform
Canadians oppose policies that would align Canada with those of Donald Trump
Justin Trudeau talks budget 2017 in Dartmouth amid questions about Syria, Stockholm
Federal Liberals look to target child care funding to 'vulnerable' families
Canadian interprovincial trade deal expected to add billions to the economy
Justin Trudeau supports U.S. missile attack on Syria

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