Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

Former CSIS directors question Canada's pursuit of extradition treaty with China
Trump's bid to reverse climate agenda puts pressure on Ottawa
Stephen Poloz warns protectionism 'rarely succeeds,' urges open borders
More than ever, Canada must not sign an extradition treaty with China
Kevin O'Leary: Rebel with a (notwithstanding) clause
Quebeckers aren't thin-skinned; they just don't tolerate falsehoods
Think tank urges Liberal to sell money-making assets to private sector
Senator Meredith plans to appear before Senate ethics committee: lawyer
Beyak taken to task by fellow senators over comments on residential schools
Canada dispatches team to Brussels to assess airplane laptop threat
Canada hires Metrolinx CEO to advise on Canada Infrastructure Bank
Donald Trump's act is failing, so why is Kevin O'Leary still copying it?
Trudeau - a fine communicator, a faltering democrat
Irving concerned 'speed of decision-making' in Ottawa will add to shipbuilding gap
Conservative Senators come to Lynn Beyak's defence while others say 'shame
Canadian officials in Brussels to discuss US, UK electronics ban on some flights
Senator Larry Smith elected leader of Senate Conservatives
Health of Canadian democracy improving, but concerns remain, poll suggests
Senator Don Meredith invited to committee hearing on ethics case April 4
Erin O'Toole winning Conservative caucus as it shuns leadership front runners Bernier, O'Leary
'I welcome a dust-off' of NAFTA, says Bank of Canada's Stephen Poloz
Senate motion aims to restore 'due process' to Liberal citizenship bill
Senator Don Meredith will speak with ethics committee, his lawyer says
Potential parliamentary reforms would strike a blow to democracy
Among Conservatives the dark side of Stephen Harper lives on
Laptop ban seems highly questionable
Consortium behind Champlain Bridge in Montreal files $124 million lawsuit against feds
Judge shortage causing unnecessary legal trauma
Trudeau's either clueless or hypocritical on democratic reform
Slow, steady O'Toole makes his pitch to be the CPC's consensus candidate
Trudeau Foundation sponsors Liberal MPs travel, raising conflict of interest concerns for PM
Federal government called 'irresponsible' for skipping upcoming nuclear disarmament talks
As Conservative leadership race moves to home stretch everyone's trying to look like they have momentum
'Expect no apology' for comments about 'gay lifestyle,' Trost's campaign says
Senator Don Meredith will honour ethics committee invite to appear, lawyer says
Quebec budget shows debt and deficits are still serious business for one government
Tory leadership hopeful Brad Trost says he'll never march in pride parades
Admit it, Justin Trudeau, legalizing pot is just a play for money and votes
Jodie Emery fears legislation to legalize marijuana will be too restrictive

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