Friday, March 24, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, March 24, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Friday March 24, 2017

Trudeau government urged to reject Chinese trade demands
Trump grants permit for 'incredible' Keystone XL pipeline
Cautious federal budget a missed opportunity for the Liberals
O'Leary taught us (seriously) to confront unpleasant truths about Canadian politics
Beijing pressing for full access to Canada's economy in trade talks
Despite progress in federal budget, lifetime pensions in flux for veterans
Bill Morneau wants slow and steady approach to infrastructure funding
Trudeau returns to byelection campaign trail
Liberals gather for weekend caucus meeting to plan budget sales pitch
Trudeau lags on LGBT pardons
Liberal MPs gather in Ottawa for rare weekend caucus meeting
Liberals' latest attempt at parliamentary reform remains a tale of woe, for now
Some Mounties swapping red serge for blue as they seek jobs with other forces
Trudeau returns to byelection campaign trail but Tories say he should stay away
Opposition MPs want Justin Trudeau to sanction Liberal MP accused of sexist remark
Rest in Peace, CSB: A eulogy for the Canada Savings Bond
Federal government spent tens of thousands on TVs
Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline amid continued concerns over the environment
Can we come out now that deficit hysteria is over?
Canadians know Palestinians deserve justice
It was shoddy journalism that cost Andrew Potter his job at McGill
Canadians watching, waiting for M-103 next steps
Liberals defend proposed four day sitting in House
The cynical saga of M-103 continues
M-103 passes and the Islamophobia study begins
The anti-Islamophobia motion has passed. And today has changed for the better?
Quebec's reaction to Potter column is not how a liberal society responds to criticism
Tory race update: O'Toole overtakes Scheer, Saxton dares to be dull
Trudeau back on the byelection campaign trail but opposition says PM should stay off it
Agri-food industry disappointed with lack of foreign-worker reforms in budget
'Boring gets the job done': Tory candidate Andrew Saxton releases defiantly pro-boring YouTube video
Rafe Mair's New Cause: Getting BC out of Canada
Vancouver Sun and Province layoffs speak to the need for a guaranteed annual income

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