Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Digby Island residents release video; seek community participation in comment process on Aurora LNG

A new video from the residents of Digby Island provide some thoughts
on their fears of development of an LNG terminal on the island

The group Friends of Digby Island have added a video presentation to their efforts in opposition to plans for development of an LNG terminal facility on the southern tip of the island in Prince Rupert Harbour.

Released Monday through the group's Facebook page and Blog site, the video offers up testimonies from those that live on the island, who provide observations on the impact that such a large scale development would have not only on their lives, but on the natural environment that surrounds them.

Other themes that the video explores is the potential for impact on the region's fishing and tourism industries, as well as the environmental footprint that they believe the project will leave not only on the North Coast, but across Northern British Columbia.

The Digby video project is tied in to the current comment period that comes to a close on March 9th, with the group asking that those that view the video take the time to submit comments to the process.

More information for those looking to participate in the community engagement comment process, whether pro or con when it comes to the development, can be examined here.

The EAO documentation related to the Aurora LNG project on Digby Island can be reviewed here.

Over the weekend, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice spent some time with the residents of Dodge Cove, to hear their thoughts on the proposed development.

From her visit across the harbour, the MLA outlined some of her observations from those conversations through her Facebook page.

A look at the the latest notes related to the Aurora LNG project proposed for Digby Island can be found on our archive page here.

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