Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tonight on The Voice ... a boy from Baie Comeau with an old favourite

Don't look now, but Brian's getting the band back together.

Thirty two years after the last command performance, former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was breaking out his famous baritone, this time to offer up a short musical interlude at a Florida Cancer fund raiser which had U.S. President Donald Trump in attendance.

Spurred on by fellow Canadian David Foster, the former PM took to the stage for a shortened version of When Irish Eyes are Smiling, the song he made politically famous at the 1985 Shamrock Summit in Quebec City during a visit from then U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Much like then, some found the move brilliant, while others cringed at the prospect of a Canadian PM singing for his supper so to speak for a U.S. President.

Mulroney draws praise for Canada, Trudeau from Trump at Mar-a-Lago
Brian Mulroney sings for Donald Trump
Brian Mulroney sings for cancer fundraiser at Trump's Florida resort
Watch Brian Mulroney serenade Donald Trump with When Irish Eye are Smiling at Mar-a-Lago club
Brian Mulroney serenades Donald Trump with "when Irish Eyes Are Smiling: at Mar-a-Lago

Still, the charm offensive does seem to fit in nicely with how (President) Prime Minister Justin (Joe) Trudeau is handling American relations to this point.

The Prime Minister using his own skills in the interpersonal realm to offer the President a framed photo of Mr. Trump speaking at a ceremony honouring Justin's father Pierre.

That of course was followed up with a working session that featured the President's own daughter in the spotlight as part of a Canadian-American committee dedicated towards promoting women entrepreneurship in both countries.

They made for a smart approach towards the American President who is feeling the heat these days for many of his plans and policy moves, along with leaving a growing list of confused allies in his wake with every tweet or speech.

While Canada ponders its next move to stay off the protectionist radar of the Trump Administration, perhaps staying with the Musical theme might work best.

Considering the Presidents frequent visits to his Mar-A-Lago estate, Saturday nights could be part of a Maple Leaf musical push to keep the President on board with smooth relations above the 49th.

We could dispatch songstress Celine Dion, who could channel another Irish themed interlude.

In an appeal to Mr. Trumps southern fan base we could also see if Shania Twain has some spare time in aid of her country.

And while he was quick to step in when James Corden needed him (though perhaps could have offered up a quick update on official titles), It's a toss up whether Justin Beiber might help that other Justin in this cause...

But certainly if we pass on the Biebs, surely Carly Rae Jepsen  could keep the communication lines open.

There will however be no hotline bling, as we imagine Drake has to be taken off the list following his comments during his tour of England in the last week.

Of Course with every carrot, one must have a stick ...

Should things go sideways for Canada in talks with Mr. Trump, we can call on the patriotic duty of Burton, Randy and the boys to march to Mar A Lago with a reunion show with a message.

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