Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Electoral Reform reversal

Trudeau abandons campaign promise of electoral reform
On electoral reform, it's bad promise made, bad promise broken
The broken promise of electoral reform: The emperor has no shirt
Trudeau ditches electoral reform - and some of his new-politics appeal
Opposition accuses Trudeau of 'betrayal' as Liberals abandon promise of electoral reform
Voting reform promises were little more than cheap props
Trudeau makes the right call on electoral reform
Trudeau called a 'liar,' the 'most cynical' of politicians for ditching electoral reform promise
Justin Trudeau bails on long-held promise to change Canada's voting system
Trudeau called 'Liar' for Breaking Electoral Reform Promise
Scuttled electoral reform betrays those who saw Trudeau as antidote to political cynicism
It's not the Liberals' fault for lying about electoral reform, it's yours for believing them
Liberals break electoral reform promise less than a day after signalling collaboration with opposition
Trudeau abandons electoral reform promise - no change to voting system in time for 2019 election

Advocates, lawyers mull court challenge to Canada's refugee pact with U.S.
Canadian dollar caught in 'Trump trade' dilemma
Why Poloz needs to shout louder to talk down loonie
'National interest' to guide future troop deployments, Trudeau tells Freeland
Liberals hint at budget boost for EI call centres to fix poor service
Ottawa offers to negotiate settlement to end long-standing '60's Scoop suit
Banner hung on Kellie Leitch's office calling for her resignation
Kellie Leitch says her supporters aren't racist for backing values test
EI program needs to get back to putting people first, MPs report
O'Leary will 'surprise' with French skills at upcoming Montreal debate organizer says
Feds seeking to settle suits from Sixties Scoop. resolve 'dark chapter'
CRA offshore tax tip line nets $1M in reassessments, penalties
Canada 'looking at all options' for improving support to Ukraine, Sajjan says
It's time to reform the CBC for the digital age
Quiet diplomacy has its limits
Canada must hold its own on NAFTA talks
What Justin Trudeau could do to counter Donald Trump
A tale of two cities for St├ęphane Dion
Trudeau's apparent conflict of interest
Progress on pipelines could mean less oil will be transported by rail
Canadian law professors demand action by Ottawa against Trump travel ban
Liberals won't tax health and dental benefits, says Justin Trudeau
Banner with Quebec mosque shooting victim names, call to resign hung at Kellie Leitch's office
Lots of Talk, No Action in Commons Debate on Trump Refugee Ban
NDP pushes to Open Doors to Refugees in Wake of Trump Ban
Justin Trudeau flips and flops as approval numbers slip
Canada's defence minister looks to boost military support for Ukraine amid new violence

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