Monday, February 27, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Monday, February 27, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Monday, February 27, 2017.

Trudeau needs to have a Merkel moment
Identity  politics is an electoral loser for Conservatives
Premier Rachel Notley pushes Alberta a part of Canada's broader U.S. approach
Liberal candidates competing with Trudeau aide say race in Toronto-area riding is unfair
O'Leary bails on Conservative leadership debate in Edmonton, citing format
Quebec MP Guy Caron joins federal NDP leadership race
Accountants urge transparency in federal budget
Ottawa urged to go public with planned changes to tax credits
Liberals' heavy-handed health-care push just a chapter in endless political cycle
Liberals accused of playing favourites in Markham-Thornhill nomination contest
Spy agency official 'really worried' about how hackers try to access government info
Kevin O'Leary to skip Edmonton debate, blaming 'terrible' format
Guy Caron enters NDP leadership race, promises basic income
RCMP commissioner warns continued IT failures will have 'catastrophic' consequences
Trudeau talks trade with auto parts manufacturers
CSIS saw 'no high privacy risks' with metadata crunching: internal report
Minister calls rate of First Nations fire deaths 'horrific,' says feds will take action
Ottawa should take a step towards pharmacare
Keeping Donald Trump-inspired refugee flood in perspective
The NDP need a principled approach to policy, not a rock star leader
Desperate times obscure Canada's support in Iraq's uncertain future
Canadians need to know more about Mulroney's role
The coming schism in Canadian conservatism
Democracy Liberal style, returns in nomination battle for vacant Ontario riding
Don't confuse the 'Us versus Them' of populism with conservatism
The revenge of Canada's climate deplorables could lead to our very own Trump
Documents reveal why Canada rejected dozens of Syrian refugee claimants
Pourquoi? Kevin O'Leary bails on Edmonton Conservative leadership debate, citing format
Three's a crowd? Guy Caron joins federal NDP leadership race, citing economic prowess
Kellie Leitch roasted on social media for 'bizarre' Canadian Values video
Building codes across Canada to be updated to reflect climate change

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