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The Trump era begins: President Trump's Inauguration Day

The peaceful transfer of power of the Government of the United States took place on Friday, the pomp and ceremony of the departure of the old and the arrival of the new dominating televisions for much of the day.

And while one might have become weary of hearing of the never ending proclamations of what was the unique peaceful transfer of the American's, (there are a few of us in the world that have a similarly peaceful hand off, so it's not as though they've invented the wheel below the 49th parallel) the dedication to which they take to the concept is one of a day long spectacular.

Donald J. Trump assumed the powers of the Presidency at the mark of noon on Friday and following the oath of office administered by Supreme Court Justice Roberts, the newly installed President delivered his much anticipated address from the steps of the U.S. Capitol building.

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The full bombast that echoed across the Mall and beyond was certainly crafted to address those that put Mr. Trump on those steps Friday afternoon.

However, if viewers across America and an audience watching in from around the world were seeking a soothing message of togetherness and a vision of the United States beginning to come together, this was not your day.

For those that were seeking an indication that America would continue forward with a full engagement of business with the world outside of its borders as it has been in the past, Friday's screed under the Capitol Dome quickly put that notion to rest.

Mr. Trump's speech was but sixteen minutes in length, one of the shortest ever delivered in modern times and while it may have been brief on the clock, it was long on rhetoric and with a somewhat dystopian view of the land he was set to govern over.

The main focus of Mr. Trump's words was the theme of change to come; as seemingly only the new President can deliver.

There was no mention of the work of Congress, nor a nod to the elements of the Constitution that American's cherish and live by.

Those elected to office and assembled for the transition for the day, suddenly became the supporting cast in the newest of reality shows, this one set on the national stage of Washington.

The newly empowered President offered up a vision of rescuing a nation that has endured a rather despondent existence, reprising a theme he had reviewed night after night on the campaign trail.

Using the term American Carnage, the New President evoked as a soundtrack for the day, the drum beat of a landscape littered with rusting factories and menacing gangs.

All that was missing was a visual montage along the lines of the end of the Godfather, a closing scene where all old the scores were settled as a new boss took charge.

All of this was delivered while the former President sat but a few feet away, with Mr. Obama no doubt wondering to himself if he had wandered onto the set of one of those Southwest Air commercials. Perhaps looking around to see if he was at the point where you really wanna get away.

Mr. Trump finally exited his review of the dire straits of the past and then outlined a blue print to the future of sorts. One that will see America become more insular, taking care of its own first and foremost.

A nativist approach to governance that will have foreign leaders scrambling to try and figure out how and more importantly if, they will fit into the new narrative from the world's most influential nation.

From the glimpse at the path ahead, there appears to be very little for the Global community to hold on to from his words.

Other than an acknowledgement by way a short shout out at the start of  Mr. Trump's at times bleak litany, the approach was more along the lines of  I know you're watching world, but really I have nothing for you kind of salutation.

There were the usual themes of the world needing to defend itself better, a renewal of the past warnings that America won't have it's industry stolen and indeed when it comes to trade issues a reckoning would appear to be coming.

The Presidents comments making for a flare that should be taken as notice on world affair, particularly when it comes to the current order of the expanded globalization that has marked the world economic picture for decades.

The days of Davos it would seem are done, somewhat out of step now with the new reality that will be coming from D. C.

The speech also did not seem to move any distance to reach out to bridge current fears among the majority of those that voted in November for Hillary Clinton.

They are a collective still in shock from the 2016 campaign which owing to the unique twists to the electoral college system, once again delivered a leader who had the least number of popular votes and yet still claimed the Presidency.

The fact that Mrs. Clinton was sitting in the background, while Mr. Trump was delivering this inaugural address was the consequence of a campaign that clearly missed out on the mood of a wide swath of the nation she wished to govern.

As the President delivered his remarks, Democrats who had been tone deaf throughout the campaign to those in America that were struggling, might have drifted off through those sixteen minutes to review how it all came to this.

The outcome that brought Mr. Trump to the stage is a testimony to political arrogance and an apparent inability to determine where the most danger to the Democrats ambitions had been located, not to mention a general failure at getting out enough of the vote to render the verdict of the electoral college but a side story.

For those that had pursued and voted for the different vision for their country that Ms. Clinton had campaigned for, Mr. Trump seemed to offer up nothing more than the challenge of adopting patriotism to soothe those scars.

However, for those voters who placed their faith in his campaign, Friday's inaugural address was the speech they wanted to hear and no doubt the one that they had expected to be delivered.

It was a continuation of the themes of the campaign and a greatest hits collection of the midnight tweets on twitter that formed much of his new policy for America.

The method and mechanisms that the United States uses to form its government and deliver to the people their Commander in Chief, puzzling as they may seem, is something that is purely an American matter.

In short it's their game, their rules, we are mere spectators up in the cheap seats taking in the show. Fully aware of the consequences of events for which we have no ability to shape.

President Trump's inaugural address carried the same tone that has become a familiar refrain since he entered the primaries, those that were surprised by the continuation simply haven't been paying attention. Those that celebrated his rise to power on Friday sat on every word, many of them probably could have delivered the speech if asked, they knew the script by heart.

For those of us living outside of the American border, the cannon shots that followed the Noon hour transfer signalled the start of a completely different era for relations with the United States.

How the nations of the world and their leaders read the President moving forward, will make for the greatest test ahead, one thing seems certain from those sixteen minutes in Washington, it's going to be quite the ride.

We've compiled some interpretations from a range of readings on how the transition of power was viewed and where we all go from here.

For notes on how the Canadian spin was put forward on the day see our Ottawa Observations files for Friday, January 20th.

Below a more expansive look at the themes and commentary from a most fascinating day for the United States and all of her global neighbours.

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