Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Thursday, January 26, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Thursday, January 26, 2017.

TransCanada submits new application for Keystone pipeline
CMHC issues alert for Victoria housing, warns of 'overvaluation'
Britain keen to maintain trade with Canada after Brexit: UK negotiator
How to fix the ever-weakening state of the news media
Canada's media industry needs major federal cash injection: report
First Nations family takes Ottawa to court over denied dental coverage
Trump plan to fund Mexico wall likely to draw strong opposition
Canadian eBay shoppers push for hike on duty-free limits
Trudeau's lack of knowledge of Wynn's Law 'inexcusable': Alberta MP
Trudeau names nine new parliamentary secretaries
Indigenous elder steps in to end tense moment between Trudeau and pipeline protestor
Canada, Netherlands discuss fund to counter Trump abortion order
Torture 'counter to our values,' says Canadian military commanders
'The fun is over': Ambrose tells Trudeau to 'get serious' on economy
CRTC's Super Bowl ad ruling on Trump's radar, say NFL
Katimavik says it faces 'orderly shutdown' in March unless federal dollars flow
Public safety minister to unveil 'substantially different' firearms advisory committee
Trudeau names new parliamentary secretaries, promoting 9 Liberal backbenchers
TransCanada submits new application for Keystone XL pipeline
Report tackles 'unsolved riddle' of how to fix ailing news industry
Nearly half of national park ecosystems rate as 'fair' or 'poor' in Parks Canada report
3 challenges on Conservative minds as caucus gathers in Quebec City
Trump says U.S. will 'have a lot' of bilateral trade deals
Twelve ideas to help Canada's ailing news media
It's up to provinces to take health money, Trudeau says
Canadian journalism urged to tackle the 'culture of free' to survive
Crisis in news media is also a crisis for democracy
Orwell's lessons for the era of Trump 
Politicians guiding journalism? No, thanks
Electoral reform continues to be Trudeau's curse
Trudeau one step ahead of an Alberta lynch mob
Trump's plan to enforce border not racist
Is Kellie Leitch for real?
Trudeau has sensible approach to looming Trump quake - keep calm, carry on
Trudeau's political dominance wanes as bad news budget looms and electorate tires of bread and circuses
Trump did Canada (and millions of others) a huge favour by killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Rona Ambrose is the best female prime minister we will never have
As House of Commons readies to resume its work, Trudeau shuffles his parliamentary secretaries
Enough with the Trump-O'Leary comparisons
Tory leadership candidates emphasize French, chastise O'Leary for sending 'bad signal' to Quebecers
How the CRTC's Super Bowl interference might make Trump even angrier about NAFTA
CMHC keeps red flag on Canada's housing market, with several cities still too hot
How Donald Trump's immigration policies could impact Canada
Justin Trudeau to protestors: 'Allow me to continue my answer'
Ottawa invests $9.2 million into Atlantic Canada entrepreneurship
Booze, jobs, infrastructure: How a new internal trade deal could affect Canadians
Conservative Party candidates learning French to gain support in Quebec
Ottawa has paid out $3.7 billion (so far) to end public service perk
Was there any way to spare Canadian taxpayers $3.7 billion to end severance perk?
Here's why Kevin O'Leary's claim that Ontario being less competitive than Michigan is untrue
Kevin O'Leary Conservatives could pose threat to Justin Trudeau Liberals in 2019: Ipsos poll
Public Policy Forum report calls for CBC to stop selling digital ads

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