Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Saturday and Sunday, January 28 & 29, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Saturday/Sunday January 28/29, 2017.

Quebec City terrorism

Mass shooting at Quebec City mosque: Six killed in 'barbaric' terrorist attack
Five reported dead, two arrested after shooting at Quebec City mosque
5 reported dead in shooting at Quebec City mosque
Multiple deaths reported after shooting in Quebec City mosque
Six dead, 2 arrested after shooting at Quebec City mosque
Quebec City terrorist attack on mosque kills 6, injures 8
Canadian leaders express outrage and shock at Quebec City mosque attack
6 dead in terrorist attack at Quebec City mosque

Canada to accommodate people affected by Trump's executive order
Canadian tech leaders press Ottawa for temporary visas after Trump order
Canada must lead a global response to aid Trump's refugees
Everything you need to know on Trump's actions affecting citizens of Muslim-majority countries
And on the seventh full day, Donald Trump sowed chaos
Amid uncertain relationship with the U.S., Alberta eyes trade with China
U.S. won't ban Canadian permanent residents, immigration minister says
Canadian troops coming to N.B.'s aid: Premier Gallant
Trudeau in B.C.: Dotting the eye on the lion, but downplaying TransMountain
'I've been driving for two day': Travel ban stokes fear, worry in Canada's tech community
Canadian permanent residents exempt from Donald Trump's travel ban
Uncertainty, apprehension means shelving travel plans to the U.S.
Despite court order, Trump shows no sign of backing down on 'Muslim ban'
Transparent Trump gives Ottawa an advantage
Government ID shouldn't automatically include gender
Chief of Staff changes Trump team's stance, says green card holders won't be banned
Wild and woolly lead-up to new session of Parliament
All leaders should hold town halls
Trump immigration EO needs major changes
Five ways Trump's protectionism could be good for Canada
There is no free lunch in the age of Sunny Ways
The unintended consequences surrounding Sen. Don Meredith
Trudeau deflects and downplays Trump's danger to Canada
Millions of Canadians will pay at least $1,000 more if Ottawa taxes health and dental plans, study finds
Donald Trump's refugee ban pushes Canadian politicians to forge common front
Trudeau's heart was in the right place, but travel ban tweets may tweak Trump's warped ego
The job-creating, anti-extremist Canadian Conservative with a maple leaf tattoo now banned from the U.S.
Is it safe to travel to the U.S.? For many Canadians and permanent residents uncertainty lingers
Justin Trudeau finds allies across political lines in signalling disapproval of Trump's travel ban
Alberta biomedical engineer with Canadian permanent resident card denied entry to U.S.
B.C. to lift foreign buyers tax for people with work permits
Canadians who are dual citizens of countries affected by Trump immigration order can go to U.S.
NDP calls for emergency debate on Donald Trump's immigration ban
Ottawa's failure to act is putting children's lives on the line: First Nations advocate
Ottawa likely rethinking budget cutbacks

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