Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fort McMurray Fires

14 million barrels or about $760-million
Staying behind in Fort McMurray, Lou Callan provided glimpse of damage
Fort McMurray evacuees on frustrating path to safely return home
Trudeau was right to refuse Russia's help with Fort Mac fire
Fort McMurray crews work on restoring power, gas to city's neighbourhoods
Will Fort McMurray wildfires tip the pipeline debate?
Fort McMurray fire shows which disasters spark our empathy
'A lifetime of firefighting in an hour:" Firefighters recall tackling Fort McMurray fire
Ottawa puts all hands on deck for Fort McMurray in advance of Trudeau visit

Canada must 'stick to its word' on Saudi arms deal, Trudeau says
Liberal hiring process under scrutiny after staffer's tax troubles are revealed
PMO looking at ways to ease Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's workload
On Saudi arms deal, hard evidence of soft hypocrisy
Tread carefully before turning lofty UN principles into law
Ottawa to set new rules on taxpayer-funded political ads
Saudi arms sale: Still time to reverse a terrible mistake
Assisted dying bill fails tests, say MP who provided blueprint
Liberals keep final say in revamping Canadian elections
Polish president wants more Canadian troops to deter Russia's 'expansionist, imperial policy'
Mulcair says he expects to be replaced as NDP leader within a year
Liberal MP Rob Oliphant says he can't support assisted-dying legislation
Liberals looking for powers to compel auto companies to recall and repair faulty cars
Paul Martin's portrait unveiled on Parliament Hill
"We can do better": Liberals kick off push to change Canada's voting system
Mauril Bélanger's bid to revise O Canada to get 2nd hour of debate May 30
Liberals criticized for using time allocation to limit debate
Will Canada give Iran a free pass?
Mr. Dithers gets his day
Census of an aging white guy
Are the Liberal's conning us again
June deadline for assisted dying bill "not a drop-dead date": Liberal Senator
Transport Minister aims to get on track with VIA rails upgrade proposal
Dean Del Mastro, former MP convicted in election spending coverup, outraged by longform census
Trudeau government creating committee to study electoral reform and replace first-past-the-post system
Support for Declaration of Indigenous Rights Could Backfire, Prof Warns

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