Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from April 13, 2016.

Liberals accused of lying about Saudi Arms deal
Liberal MPs to get free vote on bill for assisted death
After the Saudi deal, Canada's next step must be to sign the arms treaty
Canadian Heritage gives bureaucrats more power over arts funding
What Trudeau needs to do to sustain international momentum
Ottawa's high standards for foreign-arms deals is false advertising
Saudi arms deal: Enough with the hypocrisy
Indigenous suicide is no longer a mystery. So why the continued political apathy?
Purple is the colour of Canada's future growth
For the NDP, the only place now is at the far left of the political spectrum
The Secret Saudi memo: Dissecting how the document contradicts what Ottawa has said
Assisted death bill won't allow 'suicide tourism'
Canadians' response to refugee crisis, niqab debate showed 'who we really are.' GG says
Stephane Dion says he will release documents explaining basis for Saudi arms deal
Jean Chrétien's comments on Attawapiskat criticized in Commons
NDP caucus asks Tom Mulcair to remain leader until successor is chosen
Stéphane Dion approves export permits for $11B in LAVs to be sent to Saudi Arabia
Megan Leslie rules out NDP leadership bid: "I don't want it"
Keeping Tom Mulcair may have been safer bet for NDP, history suggests
Canada's military acted on Afgahn abuses, once the media blew the whistle
Middle of the road Leap Manifesto hardly loony
NDP goes back to the future
Power changes Trudeau and Notley
A tough truth to reconcile with missing and murdered
Status quo for First Nations isn't working
Phase out Attawapiskat? Worth a shot
Trudeau's right to push for pipelines
Mulcair to say on as NDP leader until successor is chosen
Chrétien was right. Maybe the kids in Attawapiskat need to break their ‘trauma bonds’
Meet the Leapers, the same-old cultural elite one-percenters
The Lewis family’s Leap project could prove discomfiting to the NDP
‘Help is on the way’: Attawapiskat rallies in face of suicide crisis as province promises assistance
Defence cuts have left Canadian military in ‘fragile’ shape: Rick Hillier
Feds Can't Back Up Foreign Worker Program Changes, NDPs Ashton says

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