Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from April 7, 2016.

Notley makes personal plea for federal help to build new pipeline
Trudeau says he does not have money in offshore accounts
Prominent Brazilian magazine publishes scathing critique of Justin Trudeau
Work permit program for international students needs reform, experts say
U.S. sees planned bailout for Bombardier as trade barrier
NDP youth wing will not urge members to replace Mulcair
Horwath supports Mulcair's bid to stay on as NDP leader
NDP's problems run deeper than leadership
How Canada can win a UN Security Council seat
Ottawa to boost overseas visa staffing to speed up refugee processing
Quebec MP Maxime Bernier formally launches Conservative leadership bid
Ottawa should reverse new rules on Syrian refugees
NDP leadership crisis won't be solved in a weekend
NDP faces the Tom Mulcair quandry
NDP convention promises same old, same old
Law firm playing host to Liberal fundraiser with justice minister had lobbyist in ranks
Trudeau says he's been 'entirely and completely transparent' about his finances
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna won't sacrifice national unity for environment
Bill Morneau disagrees with PBO report that budget was not 'fully transparent'
McCallum sending more staff to Jordan and Lebanon to boost refugee intake
Maxime Bernier enters the race to lead Tories into the next election
Tom Mulcair and the NDP try to figure out where to go next
How the Liberals' surprise $2B campus infrastructure fund made the budget cut
Jacques Demers, Quebec senator and ex-NHL coach, hospitalized after stroke
Notley demands a 'yes' on pipeline for Alberta oil as province struggles with deficit
Tom Mulcair and NDP face moment of truth in existential battle over the party
Ethics commissioner a docile watchdog
Liberals 'absolutely' committed to military but it needs a tighter focus, defence minister says
Maxime Bernier launches his bid to lead the Conservative party, the second MP to do so
Trudeau looks hypocritical as Liberals hide spending plans
Conservatives appeal to ethics commissioner over justice minister’s $500-a-head law firm visit
Canada's Oil and Gas Push 'Wishful Thinking' against Climate Realities: Harvard Prof

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